Zhuzhou climbing master Burglary after the release and doing the old work (video) yo te amo

Zhuzhou climbing "master" Burglary after the release and doing the old work original title: climb the "master" Burglary released from prison and dry old bank net Youxian station in October 24th recently, Hunan Youxian people’s court together with the theft, a burglary, was sentenced to ten months in prison and fined. Ten thousand yuan. Basic facts: more than a 41 year old, due to credit card fraud, in October 2013 was sentenced to detention for three months, but he still did not repent and start anew in detention, worthless, wants something out, from the beginning of December 2015 burglary. First in Zhen Xin Jiang Cun Youxian Lu Tian two cases of crime, stealing a TV, electric cooker, clothes and other items of Camellia oil. In 2016 three cases of crime in the city of Youxian, to in the construction of housing construction personnel identity as cover, through high-level climbing to the affected people in homes and shops, TV, computer, steal cash, cigarettes and shoes, a total of more than 11700 yuan. Youxian people’s court held that the defendant Yu Mou for illegal possession for the purpose of stealing other people’s property, the larger the amount, his behavior constituted theft. More than one can truthfully confessed his crime, be given a lighter punishment according to law. In accordance with the provisions of article 264th of the criminal law of the People’s Republic of China and the provisions of the sixty-seventh paragraph of article third, the defendant shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than ten months, and shall be sentenced to a fine of RMB ten thousand yuan. The judge reminded, there is no unearned thing. Want to get income through criminal means, will be severely punished by the law. Labor brings harvest, without giving, there is no gain. More than 41 year old is a time of entrepreneurship, not through hard work to bring happiness to the family, but he is waiting for the final in a sneaky way, jail. (net correspondent Nie Bei) recommended Video: the couple sleeping in the middle of the night don’t lock man burglary Shun April baby相关的主题文章: