Zhang Daqian, however, ran out of the peak of 103 million 500 thousand and 6 years to shoot more tha googims

Zhang Daqian Juran Qingfeng figure shoot 103 million 500 thousand and 6 years prices over the 40% Beijing November 13 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Song Yusheng) the evening of 12, Zhang Daqian’s works "Juran Qingfeng map" debut film market, sold 103 million 500 thousand yuan. That night, the guardian 2016 autumn auction held in Beijing. The works of Zhang Daqian "maxmate Qingfeng map" debut "grand – Chinese calligraphy treasures night · modern concert. The painting in the last century in 40s, Zhang Daqian prime, a painting with the landscape as the main body. Chinese auctions vice president Guo Tong told the media that the works "in 1940s called Zhang Daqian into the art after the mature period, while the need to see very thin". The guardian auction website. According to the guardian auction website statistics, the works about 12.9 foot high, 168.5 cm wide and 85 cm. The seal includes "Zhang Yuan", "Chang" and "Zhang Yuanzhi India", "Chang" and "Chang Ji", "laugh much easily for rain clouds". The work is entitled the "Juran Qingfeng map" "Shujun Zhang Yuanlin" "Fei Ge Xiao Ying Yun made, Wei Ting night backwater for stop. Thousands of forest with myriad times, I sit Qi Che bone cold. Bingxu (1946) a day after the title Chongyang, Chang Yuan, Tuo water Cunju." "The Kangxi palace lace rib, song Chu a, paper and ink phase, hand Ju Chang, also one of the rare few years in the country music. I also remember." In addition, connoisseur Xie Zhiliu had "the deceased forty-nine year old Zhang Daqian pen in the title, Lin Ju ran pen rare, its life masterpiece, but also rare. Chi (1989) summer, Xie Zhiliu view because of the problem "and" juvenile seals Xie "," Liu zhi". The guardian auction staff confirmed to reporters, this was in 2010 at a price of 72 million 800 thousand yuan sold. 6 years after the appearance of the film again, the valuation of up to 68 million -8800 yuan. That night, "maxmate Qingfeng" starting to 58 million yuan, then direct telephone Commission bid 70 million, after more than ten rounds, lasts more than 10 minutes of the auction, the auction venue by competing bids, and ultimately to 90 million yuan hammer (excluding Commission), according to a 15% commission calculation, the transaction price reached 103 million 500 thousand yuan. Compared to 6 years ago, the price of the work rose more than 40%. At the same time, according to media reports, this is Zhang Daqian so far in the field to shoot fourth turnover broken million works, the previous three respectively "Taoyuan", "Scarlett map" and "Lotus Lake" traces of love. According to Artron monitoring center and Artprice jointly launched the "2015 annual art market report" shows that in 2015 the world’s top 500 artists list, Chinese painter Zhang Daqian ranked twelfth. (end)相关的主题文章: