Yunjusi extension details by rubbing ink stone block million Galerkin 24 pounds in Beijing

Yunjusi extension details: by rubbing ink stone block million Galerkin 24 pounds – Beijing, more than 10 thousand pieces of stone rubbing ink 24 Jin Liao. Yesterday, Fangshan to commemorate the 1400 anniversary of China stone and Yunjushan Buddhist Association of Fangshan on the 60 anniversary of the founding of an excavated Temple International Symposium concluded. The experts said the details were rubbing, rubbing stone number after the Sui and Tang Dynasties in the original seal. Under the South yunjusi were discovered after rubbing Galerkin, Tibet in the Palace of the Earth. The whole process lasted three years to explore rubbing. According to the State Council approved the rubbing after nearly eight years of Beijing stone carving art museum researcher Wu Menglin introduced in early 1950s, the management of Religious Affairs Bureau of the State Council documents were recorded in Fangshan, the original stone rubbing, 1955 with some countries in Southeast Asia, to commemorate the Buddha? In 2500 to carry out propaganda activities, but also to organize rare the history of literature. Wu Menglin said, after rubbing the report was sent to the Secretary General of the State Council Xi Zhongxun. "I see that some of the documents have been approved by the secretary general, indicating that the project is an epoch-making event in the history of Chinese Archaeology and religion." At the number of stone rubbing Wu Menglin introduced, the spring of 1956 after the mountain excavation and vertical extension work started, please experienced extension workers, but also for some of the villagers. They put the plates move out after cleaning in pre built shed, and then rubbing number. Stone Mountain 9 cave is divided into two layers. The two seat upper cave, seven cave, found the Buddha relic of the thunder hole located in the upper middle, is also the only one out of the cave. Wu Menglin said, according to the time involved in the excavation of the experts, at the opening and found that the board is generally lower standing on the upper misplaced or flat, irregularly laminated together. At the beginning of 1958, stone hill 9 at the excavation of 4196 pieces of precious stones in the Sui and Tang Dynasties, after rubbing back into the cavern is sealed by number. As the research extension 24 jins ink Wu Menglin said at the end of the nine hole stone mountain rubbing, extension workers to yunjusi from the hill. Yunjusi south in 40s by the Japanese bombed, but is still in the tower. According to the records of Tibetan meridian tower. With the excavation work, the unearthed stone tower crypt Liao 10082 block. Wu Menglin said, according to experts at the time required for rubbing, paper will be shipped to Zhoukoudian train station, then riding a motorcycle pulled into the mountains, has used 24 pounds of ink. "At that time is not with ink, ink, the workload of as can be imagined." In September 1999, yunjusi 10082 pieces of Liao, stone moved to Palace of the Earth by the Palace of the Earth preservation, constant temperature and humidity, airtight, filled with nitrogen. Beijing morning news reporter Wang Qifeng相关的主题文章: