Yulin coal prices exceeded 500 tons, experts predict after the Spring Festival will fall-sweets parade

Yulin coal prices exceeded 500 tons, experts predict that after the Spring Festival will fall, Yulin coal prices exceeded 500 tons, experts predict that after the Spring Festival will fall back. Yulin coal prices exceeded 500 tons, experts predict the Spring Festival will fall. Western broadcasting network (Shaanxi radio and television news center reporter Wang Rong Guo Yaodong) in recent years, affected by the economic downturn, Yulin coal unmarketable, once the coal prices dropped to 200 yuan per ton is still no one interested in the situation. Since May this year, with the implementation of the national capacity policy and the arrival of the winter storage season, the coal and coal prices in Yulin have risen steadily in recent days, and in November 8th, it has broken through the 500 tons mark. Xu Xu, a driver from Hebei, Handan, often travels between Hebei and Yulin to transport coal. From 7 in the morning to line up, until 2 p.m. until the coal loading, Xu master told reporters, he has not encountered such a hot scene for a long time. Coal driver Xu Xilin: "originally (running back and forth) is 2 days, now is the 3 day, too many cars, can not do pounds."." Yulin District of Yuyang Bay in the elm in the coal mine, the reporter saw not only transport cars lined up on the train platform workers were busy carrying coal. Sun Haijun, Vice Minister of marketing and transportation of Yu Shen coal and electricity company, told reporters that they produced about 30 thousand tons of coal daily, basically zero inventory during this period, a coal can be sold out. Yulin Shenmu coal energy group company marketing department vice minister Sun Haijun: "the capacity is relatively tight, now our daily dispatch 6 train, up to 10 months of this year, the mine shipments of 570 million tons, 130 million tons by vehicle, delivered a total of 700 million tons." In May this year, Yulin coal prices show up signs, began to rise slightly, the average price of 203 yuan from April rose to 228 tons per ton, in late August, the national policy capacity to bear fruit, at the beginning of September at the end of the coal price reached 404 yuan tons, the highest day rose up to 30 tons. With the arrival of the winter storage season, the continued replenishment of the downstream inventory, as well as highway limit line freight cost transfer, from November 1st onwards, Yulin coal prices again rose sharply, the highest daily increase of 50 tons, yesterday, a number of coal prices exceeded 500 tons. Yulin coal trading center analyst Zhang Qing: "the current trend, Yulin coal prices will have a rise in the process, until the downstream inventory complement, plus the demand is expected to shrink after the spring, the price of coal will not be like now so high, is expected to have a fall back process, certainly not fall sharply."

榆林煤价突破500元 吨 专家预计春节过后将回落   榆林煤价突破500 吨,专家预计春节过后将回落。   榆林煤价突破500 吨,专家预计春节过后将回落。   西部网讯(陕西广播电视台新闻中心 记者 王蓉 郭耀东)近几年,受经济下行的影响,榆林煤炭滞销,一度出现了煤价降到200元 吨以下依然无人问津的局面。而今年五月份以来,随着国家去产能政策的落实,和冬储季来临,近几天榆林煤炭煤价格节节攀升,11月8号已经突破了500元 吨大关。   来自河北邯郸的司机徐师傅,经常往返于河北和榆林之间运煤。从早晨7点开始排队,到下午2点才装煤上车,徐师傅告诉记者,他好久都没遇到过这样火爆的场景了。   运煤司机徐喜林:“原来(跑个来回)是2天,现在是3天,车太多,过不了磅。”   在榆林榆阳区榆树湾煤矿里,记者看到不光运煤车排成长龙,火车站台上的工人也在紧张地装运着煤炭。榆神煤电公司运销一部的副部长孙海军告诉记者,他们煤矿日产3万吨左右,这段时间基本上零库存,一出煤就能销售一空。   榆林能源集团榆神煤电公司运销一部副部长孙海军:“运力相对也偏紧,现在我们日均发运6列火车,截止到今年10月份底,我矿发运量570万吨,通过汽车运输130万吨,共运送700万吨。”   今年五月份,榆林煤价显露上涨苗头,开始小幅上调,均价由四月份的203元 吨涨到228元 吨,八月中下旬,国家去产能政策初见成效,九月初末煤均价达到404元 吨,最高日涨幅达30元 吨。随着冬储季来临,下游续补库存,以及公路限行运费成本转移,从11月1号起,榆林煤价再次出现大幅上涨,最高天涨幅达50元 吨,昨天多家煤矿煤价突破500元 吨。   榆林煤炭交易中心分析师张晴:“目前趋势来看,榆林煤价还会有一个上涨的过程,在等到下游库存补足了之后,再加上需求缩紧后,预计开春之后,煤价不会像现在这么高,预计会有一个回落的过程,当然也不会大幅回落。”相关的主题文章: