Yu Na back to Chongqing recorded reality show lamented more people than the hometown of Beijing rainlendar

Yu Na returned to Chongqing to record reality show home than Beijing people sigh too much National Day holiday period, had many Hai Yan play featuring actress Yu Na returned to his hometown in Chongqing, to participate in the filming reality show host. 7, 2009, Yu Na, Chongqing morning news reporter interviewed, she said that these two years to reduce the workload is to better enjoy life, but also lamented the hometown of Chongqing than Beijing too many people. Enjoy life is more important than work tall, outstanding temperament is Yu Na’s identity into line with the model of showbiz. In "what to take to save you my love", "sunshine" and other hot Hai Yan’s debut, she started with Liu Ye and other powerful actors on the scene, quickly among the ranks of the popular actress. In the past two years, the news about Yu Na reduction, busy what went? "I don’t have so much work to do, I’m just playing around." Yu Na said, just enter the line at that time at work, but they actually have a lot of hobbies. "I love travel and music, walk around, listening to songs, write essays like what, this time to participate in the reality show, but also for fun to come, we usually are very hard, I hope to share in the program is liberated from the work in the enjoyment of life is very important ah, give yourself a holiday. With a relaxed mood to enjoy life." Chongqing than Beijing raised too many people grew up South Yu Na is authentic Chongqing girl, although later because the work settled in Beijing for many years, but she talked about home is full of full of nostalgia. "When living in that area amidst the road, Nanping to move home now, but every time I go back to Chongqing, will often return to haitangxi, on the street to look around. I like it very much, there Tofu pudding meal." Yu Na said with a smile, go to school when you have to go down the mountain, probably a good figure is to come out of the body. As a tourist program host, Yu Na also took the guests to go home all the fun place, "I recommend Ciqikou, is a microcosm of the old Chongqing cultural impression, as well as the Jinfo Mountain, fairy hill and other places farther away, I always say to a friend in Chongqing is a good place to raise a person, like a natural the gym, climbing the ridge has a good figure, there are mountains and water in close contact with nature, also let a person look very good, which is more than Beijing is really too good."   相关的主题文章: