Yu Dejiang emphasis on the heart of the leaders autobots

Yu Dejiang: a leader of early heart the day before, the national cultural property industry self-discipline organization — the promotion of Chinese culture and cultural property market cooperation (hereinafter referred to as "the agreement") was formally established in Beijing. Shenzhen cultural property rights exchange with a good reputation and development trend of the industry has become one of the five executive director unit. Yu Dejiang, head of the people’s Republic of China, attended the inaugural meeting and took part in the first Forum on cultural property market. After the meeting, Sina culture exchange channel exchange Beijing operations center located in Beijing Shenzhen Winterless Center conducted an interview with Mr. Wen in dejiang. He expressed the belief that the text of the exchange must be able to lead to a better future in the text of the association, while the prospects for the property rights trading industry is full of hope. Understand the heart of the Shenzhen cultural exchange was established in April 2010, is China’s first established national cultural property exchange. When it comes to the creation of the Shenzhen cultural exchange, Mr. Deng mentioned in the "heart of the first", "now we are saying that we should not forget the beginning of the heart, that we set up the text of the time when the heart is what? Is to serve the prosperity and development of China’s cultural industry." In the total told us that the Shenzhen cultural exchange is based in Shenzhen, the country’s cultural industry and financial products trading platform, a national policy support and market resources. Its overall positioning and characteristics of the advantage is to use the developed financial markets in Shenzhen and a huge cultural industry cluster support, "cultural + financial" cultural property rights trading exploration and testing. Adhere to the heart we can see that the Shenzhen Stock Exchange since 2010 has been set up to explore the various possibilities of "culture + finance", and gradually explore the characteristics of business model — four in their own culture. Sina text exchange channel: please tell us about the introduction of the Shenzhen cultural exchange, the culture of the four board, and the introduction of the cultural version of the original intention of what is it? Yu Dejiang: the exchange of Shenzhen launched the "four plate" culture is the two country based strategy, the first strategy is "double mass strategic entrepreneurship innovation", second is a national strategy on the construction of multi-level capital market. Recently some of the policies of the central problem in the construction of multi-level capital market, multi-level capital market is from gem to the main board to the new board to board four, the construction of multi-level capital market is a direct and double linkage strategy. Because of the development of cultural entrepreneurship industry in order to truly achieve this strategy, it must be the capital market, with no capital market, cultural and creative industries, the great development and prosperity of the lack of foundation. These cultural and creative enterprises are mostly small and micro enterprises, enterprise development financing needs, because of the small size, no mortgage pledge, the holdings of intangible assets without ownership, is difficult to assess, lead to the narrow channels of financing. So in the capital market, is the majority of companies are looking for their own funds; last year, Shenzhen has a IP into 20 million, the funds is to find their own. So really reasonable should be to a market up, by the market to match, rather than direct access to information through the media, because there is no intermediate s相关的主题文章: