Yin can attack the best left a must win two hamimelon

Yin Tiesheng: can attack the best left a must win in the relegation two still have a slim chance of survival sina sports news Beijing standard time on the afternoon of September 25th, the 2016 season in the League twenty-eighth round continues, in Qingdao at the home court against Hunan Xiang tao. The final by virtue of winning goal for young Wang Ziming, in the home court to take all three points in the two league wins harvest. After the game press conference, Hunan Tao coach Huang Xiangdong commented on the game. "Congratulations to guide led Yin win the game, we also know that they must lose the game in advance out of class, both sides know this thing. As our team, this task has been completed, mainly in training young people, today we young people still play a level, but the ability is limited, the outcome of the game has not much meaning for us, is mainly to prepare for next year." To coach Yin said, "I think this game from the team’s offense, is playing the best game, it should be said that in the game also created more scoring opportunities, but the ability to grasp the opportunity, it still lacks a lot, but this is our hope, because there are two balls, we must have a chance to win, so we will use the intermittent period of this period of time, to strengthen some of the problems, to be put after two games good. Thanks to the fans here, in this case, the team can still be able to do their best to support, I am really touched." (Teamo)相关的主题文章: