Yao Xiaodong in the new era of the great development of the tourism industry in Huaian, a magnificen mia farrow

Yao Xiaodong: the magnificent picture — people.com.cn Jiangsu window – people.com.cn original title launched the great development of the tourism industry in Huaian in the new period of the Golden Week tourism: an invigorating autumn climate a gentle breeze is freely blowing for 6 days, party secretary Yao Xiaodong research development of tourism industry, asked the city under full confidence, play advantage, to the high-speed railway operation as an important time node inverted tasks, flipchart operations, magnificent picture launched the great development of the tourism industry in Huaian in the new period. Municipal Committee, Secretary General Leeson, vice mayor of Wang Xingyao to participate in research. Zhou Enlai’s hometown tourist attractions is currently the only one to show great Zhou Enlai life theme culture scenic red surge high and sweep forward. Yao Xiaodong came to the memorial hall of Zhou Enlai, and staff exchanges during the golden week tourists service. He asked Premier Zhou area to the 120 anniversary of the birth of an important time node, seriously study the scenic improvement work. To cooperate closely with the Huaian District, with the Zhou Enlai’s hometown tourist attractions as the core tourism resources use and promote good. The whale is the world’s first fifth generation domestic indoor water park project. The workers are busy on the construction site. Currently, the Polar Museum has been capped, water park is also speeding up the progress of the construction, is expected next year in March and April will be open to visitors. Yao Xiaodong pointed out that the "journey to the west" in Huaian is endless digging cultural treasures, the beluga world is the backbone of the project culture of journey to the west, to the domestic first-class, the world view of the construction of a high starting point, to become Huaian tourism city and the beautiful name card. Lianshui modern agricultural garden, outstanding public theatrical performances are hot. Chat with Yao Xiaodong and are flowers of the tourists, ask their advice on the views of scenic spots. He pointed out that the tourist attractions is not only to provide a good place to play in Huaian, but also to become a place to attract outsiders. Qingjiang scenic area is a group of museums with the characteristics of strong canal culture, strong local cultural atmosphere and rich ecological landscape. Yao Xiaodong inspected the Confucious’temple, Chen Paner temple, Wu ancestral hall and other cultural relics. He pointed out that Qingjiang Pu is an important part of Huaian’s cultural soft power, to become an important platform for the reproduction of the prosperity of Qingjiang Pu platform and carrier. Yao Xiaodong listened to the city’s tourism and finance, transportation, water conservancy, media Bureau, Li canal office, office and other departments to report the white horse lake. Yao Xiaodong pointed out that the development of tourism in Huaian is rich in resources, distinctive features, major opportunities and a better foundation. He stressed that the city to promote the great development of tourism, not only their own pace of development to be bigger, faster than the pace of other industries. First, recognize the significance. The development of tourism is to implement the requirements of the new concept of development, and the two objectives are inseparable. The construction of a well-off society in an all-round way needs to meet the growing material and cultural needs of the people, including the growing demand for tourism. The important center city in modern industrial heights, comprehensive transportation hub, regional market characteristics, service base, culture travel trade center, beautiful and happy home "and" six "in Huaian and are directly related to tourism. Second, to adapt to the new trend. Provincial Party Secretary Li Qiang pointed out that tourism has four major trends: from sightseeing tourism to the vacation tourism, from the minority to the public, from)相关的主题文章: