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Xiamen male students trapped after the missing mountain rescued after 35 hours in Xiamen (micro-blog) – Xiamen daily (micro-blog) news (reporter Fang Shu) with no mobile phone, no money, November 16th, male college students in a college, alone into the school after the mountain forest. Xiamen blue rescue team received an emergency to help, finally in yesterday, more than 2 in the morning, to find the lost nearly 35 hours of boys, at this time, he has been exhausted, with dishevelled hair and a dirty face. Help boys alone lost contact 24 hours in the afternoon of 17, blue sky rescue team captain received a call for help. One of the people of Xiamen, said her nephew in Zhangzhou, Hong Kong, a university reading. 16 afternoon, a man suddenly ran away, did not return to the hostel that night, because he did not leave the phone, who can not get in touch with him. Seeing the past nearly 24 hours, the child is still a little news are not, the family is very anxious, even in Inner Mongolia, the parents of the children, all night to buy a ticket to fly to Xiamen. Water immediately assembled the first echelon team rushed to the scene, on the afternoon of 17 4 points, the players got into the jungle. According to the situation provided by parents and schools, the boys about 16 pm on the afternoon of the 2 alone to hide." Aquatic said, probably around 8 o’clock in the evening, the last one to take him back into the school after the mountain, no longer appeared, so after the first search of the mountain, however, the carpet search to the peak but not found. More than 5 at 17 PM, a group of players with second plants left echelon collusion, returned to the school. This time, the water plant to learn more about the boys: for various reasons, the boys recently depressed mood. 16 on the afternoon of more than 2 points, leaving all the sight, he was a person in the school’s biochemical building for a long time, after which he came to the school room. These places, usually no one will go. "In the power distribution room, he found his footprints and squat traces." Plants can be seen told reporters that he felt very upset. The mood is bad, usually like outdoor, physical strength is good, aquatic plants should be in the back of the mountain, so, again back to the mountain search. Search and rescue team all the way to find the lost boys 17 evening more than 10 points, in the peak of a hut, and finally find useful clues. This is a long time in the cabin, just a few days, there are temples of the master repair here. The master said had seen the child, on the same day: "eat two bowls of Steamed Rice, there are many dishes, it seems hungry." Master recalled that the boy also made a phone call from his cell phone. Aquatic plants inferred that, after a long period of hunger and then eat, will certainly be tired and sleepy, and then only a hill hill can rest. The way grass decided to continue the search, a squat. Sure enough, around 2 am yesterday, the lost boys dragged his exhausted body appeared in the hut, exhausted with dishevelled hair and a dirty face. According to the boys themselves, said he was in a bad mood recently, the afternoon of 16 emotions almost collapse, they would like to go out, did not expect to get lost on the mountain road. Rescue team in his simple inspection, confirmed that the body is not serious, will be escorted down the mountain. Read the full text of this article is reproduced, does not represent the views of Xiamen (micro-blog). Xiamen network (micro-blog) on its text,;相关的主题文章: