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Xiamen 20 year old guy in college just over a year on the back of one million yuan debt was even Le father located in Tongan bathroom store two weeks ago has been emptied ­ even music because of the Levant have been out of school for half a month, the bed seems to be messy borrow, to borrow the network lending platform, even to the society of usury borrow…… However, the interest is still more and more, until it can no longer make up for huge funding gap. Xiamen Tongan Wu did not dream, little music, his son is only 20 years old (a pseudonym), up to Zhangzhou in just over a year, even on the back of one million yuan debt, dozens of students and friends are eager. Even if the drug can not lose so much money every day ah!" Mr Wu painfully discovered that in the past year, Xiao le was engaged in a kind of "business" that he could not think of in the University campus. Distressed debt sophomore boys small music school in Zhangzhou city disappear without a trace of Career Academy, the second grade this semester just go to university. The night of October 8th, a small music was suddenly two "senior" drive back to Xiamen Tongan home. "Communicate with him slowly." A "senior" told Mr. Wu, Yue owed a lot of money in the school, the day has to Dutch act jumped in the river, they managed to pull. Mr. Wu was scared, did not dare to ask too much, that night, Xiao Yue on several occasions to jump from the six floor of the house, were stopped by the family. After a few days, Mr. Wu a really feel the seriousness of the situation. A bunch of people come to collect debts, Mr. Wu also came close to being dun. With the collection of more and more, Mr. Wu finally found that in the past few months, small music even in the campus in loan "business", and owed a huge debt. According to Mr. Wu, now known as the creditors, there are nearly 40 people, there are a lot of debt a pen that hundreds of thousands of yuan, there are also many thousands of yuan, ten thousand yuan of small claims. "The total has exceeded 1 million yuan, and this may not be all." Mr. Wu said that in the past two years of their own business failure, the family has bank debt, even if the only house sold in the house can not afford such a large debt. According to Mr. Wu, two weeks ago, he opened a shop in the bathroom is taozhairen Wai Tongan accounted for, the goods inside an empty robbed move. "My son doesn’t know where to go." Mr. Wu said, and he and his wife can not return home, day, guilt, anger, anxious, helpless and miserable. Once the campus borrowing earn a lot of money, "he called in the bedroom business, hundreds of thousands of tens of thousands of funds out of the account, he feels very rich." One of the students with the same description of the small music. These amounts, for many students, it is astronomical. An insider introduction, small music began to contact the Campus Fund lending business, in 2015, 3 years after the first month of small music school enrollment. At that time, the small music lost money because of gambling, began to borrow some financial platform for the network, so came into contact with the platform in the school agent D Jun, Z Jun. Among them, D is the next high school students. After communication, learned little music, two seniors to Zhangzhou University City schools students to seek loans, high interest returns;相关的主题文章: