Wuhan Metro Line 6 line tunnel through river climbing and turning (video) footman

Wuhan Metro Line 6 line subway tunnel through river and turn climbing great progress obtained the first phase project of line 6. Yesterday learned from Wuhan Metro Group, on the eve of national day, Metro Line 6 crossing Hanjiang River Tunnel left line smoothly through the mark line 6 line tunnel through laid a solid foundation for the end of this year to traffic. Less than 10 months to dig through the tunnel yesterday morning, 24 meters underground construction site wusheng Qiaokou station of Metro Line 6, the workers are closed to reinforce the Qintai wusheng road interval left line through tunnel. Wuhan evening news reporter saw the glass shield door two underground stations have been installed in place, the station decoration cross construction is being carried out simultaneously, ceiling decoration underground station hall, platform, and the column wall decoration, floor tile paving work in an orderly way. Metro Line 6 Station Qintai wusheng Road station tunnel is Wuhan second subway lines across the Hanjiang river. The left tunnel length of about 1704 meters, the right line of about 1688 meters. Among them, the length of the Hanjiang River under the length of 350 meters, the maximum depth of up to 43 meters. Construction side of the Railway Bureau of China railway company introduced from the shield to the start of the double line, line 6 Hanjiang River Tunnel Construction with less than 10 months. December 1, 2015, Qin Wu right line tunnel shield excavation, in January 1, 2016, a month after the right line of the shield, the left line shield also began excavation. In August 17, 2016, after more than 8 months of construction, the shield machine arrived in wusheng Road station receiver, the right line of lead through the left line of the shield; in September 29th, also successfully broke the station in wusheng Road, tunnel through lane. "Tunneling is currently under way to provide a venue for subsequent cross construction." Xia Songlin, deputy director of the Wuhan Metro Line 6 Qin Qin range project owners said that the construction side took 4 days, the dismantling of the shield machine, and the lifting of the ground segment. Line No. 6 tunnel through the Hanjiang River, the next will be the last line laying operations, through the follow-up track, the train across the river through the trial run, and the FBI tried to create conditions. The river crossing tunnel is not only climbing and turning 6 line, but also has the characteristics of steep bend and steep slope. The shield machine originating from Qintai station, turn around the pile Changjiang square 32 layers, and Qintai elevated and Jianghan bridge under the bridge ramp on the west side; and then through the salon Avenue, then crossing Hanjiang River, shore along the avenue Chongren Road intersection, bypassing the 15 to 23 layers of Qiaokou District, Jiang Shanru painted 26 layers of Wanan Residence Internazionale finally arrived at Zhongshan Avenue, wusheng road station. From the perspective of the plan, the entire cross river tunnel has turned three small curve radius of the curve of 350 meters, turning the entire section of the Han River tunnel length of 80%, the line is like a big S shape. Qin Wu tunnel across the river, the shield machine to go downhill to the Hanjiang River, and then climbing ashore arrived in wusheng Road station, if from the vertical profile, the tunnel will show a "V" shape. Xia Songlin introduced, the average slope of Hanjiang River Tunnel reaches 29, equivalent to 1 kilometers in the horizontal distance between the lifting height of 29 meters, the slope has received many相关的主题文章: