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Winter is coming, there’s good news and bad news for you! – one night north wind, Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei temperatures fell below freezing point. Inner Mongolia, the northern part of North China, Northeast China obviously winds cool weather, local cooling more than 10 DEG C. Bad news: it’s a bit cold this winter! Academician of the Academy of engineering, Chinese special adviser Chinese Meteorological Bureau Ding said that this year Chinese cold winter high probability is affected by the La nina. Since September this year, typhoon frequently landed in China, "catfish" and "hippocampus" gave in South China has brought serious influence. Chinese Climate Center Weather Bureau pointed out that the central and eastern equatorial Pacific in August to enter the state of La nina. It not only makes this year’s typhoon more frequent, but also makes our country this winter cold. At the beginning of 2008, China south of the freezing rain and snow disaster is affected by the La Nina effect, so many people worried about this year’s snow or will appear again. Ding Yihui believes that this worry is not without reason, can foreknow, La Nina brings cold to the ecosystem will bring certain influence China. The good news: cold winter haze may ease! Cold state, meteorological experts pointed out that this winter will reduce haze or Chinese. China researcher at the Institute of Atmospheric Physics Zheng Fei said that in the context of La Nina, the probability of winter in the cold winter of more than 80%, in the situation of the cold, cold air more frequently, he also comes some more. In the case of the north wind is not conducive to the accumulation of air pollutants, atmospheric diffusion conditions, the haze may be less. In the Yellow River this winter may be the most serious historical flood recently, the Yellow River flood control and drought relief headquarters was informed that the abnormal climate, this winter in the Yellow River basin may occur in low temperature. According to meteorological department analysis, La Nina has formed the the Yellow River basin the winter temperature is low for the same period the possibility of mean change. Under this background, 2016-2017 annual the Yellow River ice general targets identified as: according to the defense of the Yellow River "the most serious flood in history" for the safety of the people first, to ensure no Dyke Burst, reduce the extent of flood disaster loss, ensure good water supply, flood safety, and for the next drought in advance. What is the impact of La Nina will? Historical experience shows that the strong destructive force and frequency is not high El Nino La Nina, but due to long duration of crop growth more damaging, the fluctuation in grain prices is far greater than the El Nino La Nina period. In addition, the low temperature in winter, heating will consume more energy; also have an impact on traffic, disaster comes during the Spring Festival at the beginning of 2008 the freezing rain and snow, the impact on traffic is comprehensive; at the same time, under the background of global warming, the ecological system has been used to warm environment, the sudden cold to them have a certain effect.相关的主题文章: