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UnCategorized Time management exercises for home business owners are vital in getting the the most out of your business. While your skill in whatever area of expertise is certainly important, the importance of time management cannot be emphasised enough in helping you produce a profitable bottom line. Many failed work-at-homers cite procrastination as one of their biggest hurdles and coupled with other factors such as fear and time wasting, their dream of earning an in.e from home remains just that… a dream. Time Management Exercises The following time management exercises won’t guarantee you success in your home business but they’ll give you a jump start on most who can’t or won’t tackle the problem of procrastination. Let’s get cracking! 1. Use a regular work area. Designate a place where all your office tools are in the one place. Eliminate any distractions. 2. Assign a time when you’ll be working on your business. Whether it’s 9-3pm or 8-12noon, you need to set down a specific number of hours you’ll spend on your business. 3. This goes hand in hand with the previous exercise. Isolate what part of the day you work best and are more productive. You may be a morning person or a night person or you like to work mid afternoon. Decide and then make sure other members of the household know your routine. 4. Work on one assignment at a time. Whether it’s making calls, working on accounts or writing articles and content for your websites, choose a task and stick to it. One tip is to plan your week or even month ahead of time. Assign specific tasks to specific days. Allow room flexibility but get into a routine. 5. If you have several tasks to .plete on any given day then a great way to .plete them is to start with the most difficult or most fearful chore first and work your way up to the easiest. This promotes a sense of achievement as you .plete each task and you’ll be amazed at how your confidence grows. 6. Reward yourself at the end of each work day and taking it a step further, give yourself a major reward at the end of the week. These rewards can be whatever takes your fancy. For example, you might reward yourself by going to dinner or catching a movie or, if you live near a beach you might head out and catch a wave. It can be whatever you want it to be, within reason of course. 7. This time management exercise is one I have employed successfully with great results. It has a snowballing effect which can leap frog your business quite dramatically. Before going to bed, do just one more thing that may help your business. One more task that will make your day even more .plete and instill a greater sense of satisfaction within you. It’s amazing how this puts you in a positive frame of mind and remember, by just doing one extra task a day multiplies significantly over the course of time. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: