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UnCategorized I chose this life style because it is full of excitement of course, why do you think? I have two separate identities with one identification card like all the other superheroes. Every superhero adventure has a first issue. A radioactive spider bit Peter Parker in a science fair. When did spiders start biting people? I have my doubts about that spider. It is a fictional story anyway. Mine is a real one. My spider was that girl I saw at the pub and the bite was not a real bite. It was just a kiss that started my married dating adventure. Every cheater gets caught sooner or later. Only superheroes like me never get caught and you also can learn how to be one. The first thing you have to do is take a map of the city you live in. Also take two colored pencils, red and green. Now start to check all the places people are familiar with you with the red one. Where you work, where you live, your previous offices and homes, your parents’ house, the places you frequent with your wife. These places are for the "faithful" you. The "unfaithful" you will never visit these places. Now you have a map, about one third of it marked with red. Now you can start the exploration phase but before that you must redesign your weekly schedule. There are 5 week days on the calendar. 2 days are spared for weekend holidays. We can take this as a template. Pick 2 week days and free them of all the business or personal deeds and fill them with imaginary business meetings, lunches and late night city tours with clients. These two days must change every week. If they are Monday and Wednesday one week, they must be Tuesday and Friday the next. Now start the exploration on your free nights. Go to the parts of city where nobody knows you. Find good places to eat and have fun, clean small hotels to spend the nights in. Mark these places with the green pencil. While exploring the territory of the "unfaithful" you, open an account from a bank you never worked with before and start to deposit money gradually. Also apply for a credit card from this bank. I don’t need to tell you to keep these secret from your wife do I? If you have enough money rent a house from the green territory. Get a post box or use your new houses address for the new bank account and credit card. Get a second phone and a new phone number. Make sure it is not the same model as your old one. If you can’t afford a second house try to find a cheap storage. This storage is your telephone booth. You will change your clothes and turn into your superhero identity in this storage. Lastly write a story for your second persona. Find him a job and find the reason why he doesn’t have a house if he really doesn’t have one. The two personas must have nothing in .mon and no connections. Once your second persona is alive and kicking, it is time to find your secondary soul mates. You are a different man with different surroundings now. You can act like you are single. However I don’t re.mend that. Women fall in love with single men more easily and love is not what our second persona needs. There are discreet web sites for married dating. If you use these sites you won’t have to lie to your lover. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: