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Huang Xiaoming attended the Yangtze River Business School why the stars of the preference for business school, Huang Xiaoming and from the overbearing president, a step closer! Recently, the major online media and social networking sites have appeared in the Yangtze River Huang Xiaoming School of business school photos. It is understood that Huang Xiaoming has officially become the Yangtze River Business School EMBA twenty-ninth freshmen, also participated in the award ceremony and badge after the ceremony with other classmates performed a poetry reading. At the same time, there are a lot of social networking sites, Huang Xiaoming and classmates photos. In fact, although Huang Xiaoming was born an actor, but the commercial operation in recent years have burgeoned, he is not only one of the earliest capital market star, has invested in several companies. Business layout involved in film and television, consumer upgrades, FMCG industry. Today, the "yellow leader" and "learning" to go to business school, is really very motivated. However, it is worth noting that the stars look forward to the entertainment industry, go to business school gold is not a minority, today Xiaobian for everyone to take a look at those who read the stars of business school. Although Zhao Benshan usually plays the role of the peasants in the sketch, but he has a higher demand for his "study". 2009, Zhao Benshan went into the Yangtze River Business School, and Ma Yun, and so became a classmate of. Has five year old uncle to attend school, then caused quite a stir. It is understood that he attended the Chinese enterprises CEO courses, a total of 5 lectures, the entire learning time of only 18 days. Although the time is short, the teaching place all over the world. Successful completion of his studies he was awarded by the Yangtze River Business School, London Business School, Columbia University School of business, the Swiss Institute of international management and development jointly approved and issued certificates. In fact, to be able to become a classmate with Jack Ma, Zhao Benshan, its own capital strength is also very strong. In 2003, Zhao Benshan had established the mountain media, chain operating theatre Liu big stage, and investment in the production of many TV shows. According to the "people’s Daily" reported earlier, according to media art director Liu Shuangping said in 2009 the media grossed close to 150 million yuan. Before entering the Yangtze River Business School, Li Yapeng accumulated 12 years of investment experience, drama, drama, restaurants, real estate…… His investment is very complex. 2011, Li Yapeng officially enrolled in Cheung Kong School of business. He said that the reason why read EMBA, have different development in order to let the sweet angel fund, sweet angel fund to move towards a different way as before, will be combined with the business model, but does not change the nature of its public interest, hoping to help more people to approach business." In August 8th this year, the well-being of blue ocean landing A shares market, with 4 million 660 thousand shares as a blue ocean shareholders of happiness Wu Xiubo also get a large floating surplus. From the current point of view, the market value of Wu Xiubo’s hand has been close to 200 million yuan. It is worth noting that Wu Xiubo also returned to school in 2014 to continue their studies. 2014, Wu Xiubo appeared at the Peking University (score line, professional settings) EMBA opening ceremony of Guanghua School of Management, the media to the agent of the Qiu Lei,相关的主题文章: