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Presentation Latterly a significant number of big retail group are showing great interest in opening stores in Australia including Zara, HM, Abercrombie, Victoria’s Secret and Japanese label Uniqlo, which is a good news for Austrilia economy but a threaten to the local shops, which have to work harder and well prepared to keep native purchasers and survive in this battle in near future. For the previous decades,the international brands typically made an impressive victory in Australia retailing business,because they step into the market differently to local outlets. When driving down the street, you could be surprised by the view that local multiple stores belonging to the same brand are hundreds metres close to one another. But the foreign outlets are less interested to establish more than one flagship stores. Considering the overheads-rents, staffing and supervision, in addition to reducing them, flagship stores are now a territory of its own right with bigger space and brand characterized decoration,which has been a mainstream followed by all international shops in order to meet the apetite of younger generations who has the experience of traveling abroad. It is quite obvious that Australia is be.ing a natural progression for the international labels to launch into Asian market. Take abercormbiefitch for instance, a Japanese retialed renowned for its fast fashion adaptable design in T-shirts and casual wear, who had claimed its intention to launch Australian in 2009, abercrombie sales has planed its flagship store range all the way from 1,500 square metres to 3,500 square metres. The smaller store will be established as long as the reputation grows wihin following years. But one of disadvanteges of these flagship stores is for the size of the stores, they don’t seem to be able to provide a dedicated high level service to consumers, which unavoidably offer smaller retialers a chance . In the long term, if the smaller outlets try and follow the main line, they will see the issue. They should concentrate instead on meeting a niche market and give more attention ot their old clients. .paring to .pete with the robust brands, it is far more wiser and also less expensive to keep the existing customers, which is .monly ignored. As a smaller retailer, it is easier to offer customers an individualized service through notifying them by means of email or telephone calls with the newest stock updating info and also offering them an opportunity to preview the new items on shelf. We have got the reason to belive that economy in Austrilia is in a good state .pared to recent economy gloom in other bits of the world and with the inward-bound of more international brands into market,the economy will be stronger and and increasingly close ties with Asia. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: