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UnCategorized When you are shopping around for a bank to put your money into one thing you will need to .pare is the saving account interest rate that is being offered. Frequently this rate is based on the type of account you choose and the balance that will remain in there on a monthly basis. Be assured that your money is protected by the government if you place it in a savings account. You are insured up to one hundred thousand dollars. For many who are opening their first saving account this can be very reassuring. The question for many wanting to open a savings account is how to determine which bank to use and which account is the right one for them. This all starts by .paring the saving account interest rate along with the obligations of the account you choose. Then you need to see if the interest rate is worth the .mitment they are asking you to make. For example, most banks will offer you a basic savings account with minimum fees and no minimum monthly balance. That means you can keep in the account any amount you please, you can deposit and withdraw finds for little or no fees. But, the interest rate you get for our money will be only minimal. On the other hand there are saving accounts which will have high interest rates. These accounts may require a minimum monthly balance of five thousand dollars, will charge large withdrawal fees and will give no interest at all if the average monthly balance dips below the minimum agreed on. This ties your money up very much like investment certificates, but the saving account interest rate will not be as high. They do it like that because even though your money is obligated if you want to get good interest rates, it is still available to you at any time. Of course, there are also accounts between these two extremes with interest rates that are also in between. Therefore, before opening a new saving account decide how much money you want to keep in the bank, or can afford to, and as a result which saving account plan ill work out best for you and give you the highest interest you can get. Before you establish any type of savings account, make sure you read the fine print, and make sure you can abide by the terms that will provide the best interest rate that you can .mand with the funds you have available for the account. Also, don’t forget to check on other offers later on when you have more money to bring to the table. You never know when a better interest bearing offer will .e along, so be alert to the possibilities. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: