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Travel-and-Leisure London is a beautiful place with a rich and creative history and a number of places to visit and roam around. As one of the leading cultural centers in the United Kingdom and in Great Britain, London is one of the greatest cities in the world. If you plan to travel to this magnificent city, learn about some of the great sites to see. Step 1 Visit significant landmarks London is chock full of significant and historical landmarks. First off there is Big Ben the famous clock which you can see from pretty much any point throughout London. There is also the Queen’s Gallery, Hype Park and Kensignton Gardens as well as the Westminster Abbey. Step 2 You Should Plan Ahead Some of the biggest tourist attractions in London are the House of Parliament and the Museum of Natural History. But before you go to London it is important to have an idea about what you would like to visit and where you would like to stay. Carrying a guide with you is very important when traveling throughout London. You should have a knowledge of restaurants, pubs and hotels in order to enjoy your trip without any hiccups. You can easily all of this information regarding tours of London on the Internet or by going through international tours or travel agencies. There are many parks, monuments, churches and other sightseeing areas throughout London. You can choose from many hotels including the Intercontinental, Sheraton Park Tower, Milestone Hotel, Sofitel London etc. There are all exceptional 5 star hotels that provide full luxury and world class facilities. You can see all of this information by going to londontown.. Step 3 Where to Dine There are some famous restaurants such as Churchill Arms, the Hard Rock Cafe, HK diner, and Gordon Ramsay’s. All of these landmark restaurants are generally open from early morning hours to late night. Fine cuisine is a must for many London culinary experts so prepare for some of the best food of your life. Step 4 Travel well It is crucial that you carry your passport, proof of identity and Visa so that any legal formalities can be easily managed. London is a place full of beauty and diversity. You can visit this place and feel the beauty and versatility. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: