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WGC:2015 global gold demand 4212 tons, the supply of quarterly decline FX168 news Thursday (February 10th), the World Gold Council (WGC) released the fourth quarter of 2015 gold trends report, the report shows that China’s gold demand continues to remain strong. From the data point of view, in 2015 China is still the world’s largest gold consumer, China’s gold demand in the fourth quarter grew 25%, driven by the devaluation of the rmb. In 2015, China’s total gold demand was 985 tons, an increase of 2%, India demand 849 tons, an increase of 1%, the gold demand of the two countries accounted for 45% of all demand. The report pointed out that in 2015, the global total demand for gold was 4212 tons, basically flat with 2014. The WGC report showed that central banks continued to increase their holdings of gold to diversify their assets in 2015, with a total of 588.4 tons, second only to 2013’s record of 625.5 tons. And the fourth quarter is the central bank for twentieth consecutive quarters of gold holdings. In 2015, the gold supply decreased by 4% to 4258 tons, mainly affected by the gold ore output. WGC pointed out that the output of gold ore in the fourth quarter has declined for the first time since 2008. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

WGC:2015全球黄金总需求4212吨 供应量出现季度下滑   FX168讯 周四(2月10日)世界黄金协会(WGC)发布了2015年四季度黄金趋势报告,报告显示,中国的黄金需求继续保持强劲。   从数据来看,2015年中国依然是全球第一大黄金消费国,四季度中国黄金需求同比增长25%,受到人民币贬值的推动。   2015年全年中国黄金总需求985吨,同比增长2%,印度需求849吨,同比增长1%,两国黄金需求占全部需求的45%。   报告指出,2015年全年全球黄金总需求4212吨,基本上和2014年持平。   WGC报告显示,各国央行在2015年继续增持黄金以多样化资产,总计增持588.4吨,仅次于2013年创下记录的625.5吨。且第四季度是各国央行连续第20个季度增持黄金。   2015年全年黄金供应量下降4%至4258吨,主要受到黄金矿产量影响。WGC指出,四季度黄金矿产量出现了2008年以来的第一次下降。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: