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Weight gain during pregnancy, pregnant mother you exceed the standard it? – Sohu researchers on maternal and child born from 1997 to 2002 there are more than 10 thousand mothers and neonates with congenital defects after an investigation found that obese women before pregnancy, children born with spina bifida risk was two times higher than normal weight women. Other congenital defects associated with maternal obesity before pregnancy include heart, anus, limbs, diaphragm, and navel. Pregnant women who are overweight, but not obese, are more likely to have birth defects than women with normal weight, but are less likely than obese women. The definition of obesity is to assess obesity or not, the most common is the use of height, weight, body mass index (Kg, BMI). The ideal weight of each person is different because of the height difference, with BMI=22 as the benchmark, between 18.5-24 for the standard physique; less than 18.5 for weight is too light; higher than the weight of more than 24; if BMI more than even obese. In addition, waist circumference and body fat can also be used as an assessment tool for obesity. If the male waist is greater than 90 cm, female waist circumference greater than 80 cm, even obesity. But even if the weight is not heavy, waist circumference is not big, if 30 years old male body fat is greater than 25%, female body fat is greater than 30%, can be regarded as obese. So, not only lose weight lose weight, but also to reduce waist circumference and body fat, in order to achieve a real healthy body! A reasonable range of maternal weight gain during pregnancy, women’s weight will increase, including the fetus, amniotic fluid, placenta weight (about 4 kg), and in order to blood volume increases with increasing the possible production of blood loss, and pregnancy uterus and breast enlargement, additional moisture retention and subcutaneous fat deposition weight. In general, the average weight gain of pregnant women throughout pregnancy 10-12 kg. However, depending on whether the body weight is too light, standard or overweight before pregnancy, each person can gain weight during pregnancy is also different. The standard of pre pregnancy weight, pregnancy weight recommended an increase of 11.5-16 kg; if the pre pregnancy weight, pregnancy weight should be increased to 12.5-18 kg; if that is overweight before pregnancy, pregnancy weight only 7-11.5 kg can increase. During pregnancy, the amount of heat needed during pregnancy is estimated to vary from time to time. In the later stages, the higher the heat required for each day. The daily intake of calories in pregnant women with a simple formula to estimate the ideal weight: × 40 calories +300 kcal, but should be considered weight gain speed adjustment. Obesity, pregnancy archenemy! · the best in weight before pregnancy obesity women are lack of healthy habits, such as regular exercise, and low sugar, low salt, low oil, high fiber diet etc.. The best advice to lose weight before pregnancy, with diet and exercise control, both to reduce 0.5-1 kg for a week. If the weight is still more than the norm when pregnant.相关的主题文章: