Wang Xiaobao works full copyright sold to Li Yinhe the most suitable for playing the role of the pre

Wang Xiaobao works full copyright sold to Li Yinhe: the most suitable for the performance of the Shanghai literary and art edition of the golden age, the cover of the Beijing Youth Daily reporter referred to the contemporary Chinese literature, the name of the name of the is unable to circumvent the name of the name of the is not to be bypassed by the. His writing has attracted two generations of readers and controversy, in the past twenty years continue to become a hot issue. The current search Wang Xiaobao works, as many as a dozen versions of the market, with the publication of the upsurge of copyright infringement and piracy. And the numerous Wang Xiaobao publishing phenomenon in the recently painted full stop. Yesterday, Li Yinhe held a press conference in Beijing, announced the copyright of all the works of Wang Xiaobao, the exclusive award of the new classical culture company. In a statement, Li Yinhe said, I hope that when Wang Xiaobao left us 20 years, by the new classical culture and the Beijing October literature and Art Publishing House, so that his text was read by more people." Wang Xiaobao event, Li Yinhe said, after Wang Xiaobao’s death, in order to allow the reader to understand more about the works of Wang Xiaobao, she wanted more publishers to participate in the publication of the works of Wang Xiaobao, so the market has a variety of different versions, "next year is the 20 anniversary of the wavelet to leave, I grew older, continuously does he spend a lot of energy scattered in a number of works. In recent years, I have been trying to find a good publishing organization to put all the works of the wavelet to them, I believe that the new classical culture has the ability to do his work well." Has published "window of the small peas", "hundred years of solitude", "1Q84" and other works of the new classical culture in the industry has accumulated a strong experience in publishing, "new classical culture" publishing partners Beijing October art publishing house editor Han Jingqun said at the scene, "we will live up to the teacher carefully choose. With a very wonderful version of Wang Xiaobao’s works presented to the majority of readers." It is understood that in 2014 the "new classic" subsidiary new classic films was established before the date of his "life", Eileen Chang’s "red rose and white rose", "happy hero", Gu Gao Yang "biography of Ci Xi" and many other best-selling works of television in everything in good order and well arranged in. Li Yinhe said, looking forward to see a high level of text and film and television works, most want to move on the screen or the golden age." Li Yinhe told the Beijing Youth Daily reporter, when the "golden age" award, wavelet said this book is his darling. He was writing a dozen years, was also in the dark. The golden age is a breakthrough in both social and literary significance. I especially hope that the golden age can be shot." Asked who is the heroine in the eyes of Chen Qingyang who, Li Yinhe said, "Hsu Chi’s personality is like the valiant hero."相关的主题文章: