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Politics December 13, 2010, is perhaps the most talked about date in St. Vincent and the Grenadines nowadays. Ever since it has been declared as the date of general election in the country, the Vincentians are getting prepared for this D-Day. And now, with only a few days are left for the election, it is the high time, we the Vincentians take a quick look at the present as well as the past. This is the right time we think and analyze how we have been in these days and what the future has in store for our country and its people. While thinking so, there are certain things that strike me, often leaving me almost helpless. St. Vincent and the Grenadines, by its constitution, is an independent country. But what does independence mean? Are we truly independent? Can we enjoy our freedom? Do we have the freedom of speech? Can we put our voices freely? There are a lot of questions, many of which might have some answers that we may not love to hear. It is a shame that our Prime Minister has been accused of sexual assault. When the Prime Minister of a country .mits such a crime, it is quite easily understood how safe the women in the country may feel. But the biggest disappointment is that, when you try to put your voice, you will be curbed and harassed. Sadly, you are sure to be a victim of state-sponsored attack. Its quite fresh in our memory. Im talking about the incident which shook the whole country a few months back. The young female police office made the mistake to .e forward to accuse our beloved Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves of raping her. She got her reward pretty soon. She had to face the humiliation and harassment. No one came to her rescue including the .missioner of Police and the Director of Public Prosecution. Even the Judge was not willing to do the justice. The rule is quite simple you cant talk about any wrong-doings of Ralph Gonsalves and his government. And this is not the only case; you will find plenty of other examples like this. Now the question is, if such is the situation in our country, can we claim that we live in independent and democratic country? Where is our freedom of speech? Its certainly missing in this country, which hurts us, the most. Cant we call a spade a spade? Do we have to face humiliation for this? We just can hope that the situation gets changed. We need a change drastically. To make our voice loud and clear, we need to put it together. Together we can bring change and make this country a wonderful place to live in. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: