Values Based Financial Planning

Finance It’s a fact that today some of the best financial advisers are focusing beyond the basic nuts and bolts of generating and keeping wealth. Of course this is important but in the end, what are most important are the needs and wants of each individual. For instance whats important to you and where do you see yourself in two, five, ten or even twenty years down the road? Where is Your Investment Capital? Also what do you value most in your life and in the extended world around you? Have you set priorities? If not why? If so, have you incorporated those priories into an overall financial plan? Also do you know where your money is being invested? Tracking Your Investment Capital in a Fluid Global Environment Are you aware that in today’s highly convoluted global business environment it’s almost impossible on your own to be sure that your investment capital isn’t finding its way into a business that runs counter to your core values? How would you feel if your money was finding its way indirectly to a firm that’s been implicated in some third world death squads? That’s an extreme example but none the less it does happen. Building Wealth and Feeling Good About it The fact is that now may be the best time to talk to a values based financial planner. New emerging global markets and the development of new sources of energy means that there are more opportunities than ever before build wealth in ways that mesh with what you believe in. Ways to build wealth that you can feel good about. Learn to Make Your Voice Be Heard Also a values based financial planner can inform and instruct you on how to more effectively use the money you already have invested as leverage to influence business entities to be more responsive to your values. To flex your financial muscle of you will and to allow that your voice be heard when decisions are being made. Garnering Maximum Tax Credit for Wise Charitable Giving Another area where a values based financial planners advice can prove to be invaluable is in the area of charitable giving. They can tell you what charitable groups are the most reputable and also assist you in making decisions that insure that you receive the maximum tax credit for your generosity. How to give smart and feel good while you’re doing it. The above listed subjects are but a smattering of all the complexities that can and so often do present themselves to a person who is interested in instituting a values based financial plan. In fact, on your own you would have your hands full just covering one area. Also do bear in mind that by nature business investments can be fluid to one degree or another, which brings us to yet another topic. Staying Informed So Your Values Aren’t Compromised That would be the need for real time monitoring of any entities that you have invested in, to insure that they remain complaint with your core values. Things can turn on a dime and once again, a solid values based financial planning platform should include a system for monitoring your investments, such that you would become aware of any impending changes that run counter to your values. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: