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UnCategorized Your emotions are directly connected to your success. The problem is that few people take the time and effort to manage their emotions constructively. It is miserable to feel like you have no control over how you feel. But that is exactly how many of us spend most of our lives. We’ll be happy if we hit our goals or we’ll be happy when someone likes us. If said goals are not forthcoming we might never feel happy. Consequently, we become less capable of acheiving new goals and less likable as a person. This is a negative cycle and a depressing destiny. If you are ready to be proactive and take responsibility for how you feel – good and bad, then you’ll enjoy the following tips from Peggy McColl. Peggy is a dear friend and the author NY Times Bestseller "The Destiny Switch" Your destiny is whatever you decide it is: 1. Become aware of your emotions and how they are impacting your life. 2. Develop new disciplines that cause you to create new beliefs and feelings. 3. Constantly affirm that you are in control of what you are feeling. 4. Get out of painful emotions and don’t allow negativity to kill your dreams. Use the Destiny Switch Concept to understand your emotional levels. Like a dimmer switch for light, emotions are either bright, dim or somewhere in between. Generally there is a positive and negative emotion that are actually the same emotion on opposite sides of the scale. You need to understand where your switch or illuminator is for each emotional scale and then start adjusting: 1. Understand your emotional levels, whether positive or negative. 2. Evaluate what it is you want in life. 3. Focus on the specific emotions you need to have in order to attain your goal. Brighten those emotions with your Destiny Switch to help you get where you want to be in life. Knowing what your emotions are is not enough. You need to think ahead to where they should be. Change will not begin until you start changing your emotional attitudes. Some techniques for developing positive emotions and being proactive in reaching your goals are: 1. Observe and notice what emotional level you are at daily. Creative emotions will be high on your Destiny Switch and negative, destructive emotions will be the lower level of the switch. 2. If your emotion levels are low, turn your switch to high. 3. Use a daily graph charting your daily emotional levels. This helps you visualize which negative emotions are keeping you from your goals. Visualizing your levels will help keep you on track to positive emotions. 4. Choose four positive emotions to focus upon. By simplifying and working on just four, you’ll see progress more quickly and feel more in control from the start. Believe you can change and be proactive in your life. About the Author: Dr. Proactive, Randy Gilbert, enjoys producing the "Inside Success Show" and presents his insightful interview with Peggy McColl based upon the techniques from her book. You can hear the entire inspirational interview for free by going to: ..insidesuccessradio../Guests/Peggy-McColl2 Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: