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Travel-and-Leisure Corbett national park is the famous national park situated in the Dhikala forest. To enjoy the wildlife sanctuary there are many packages available which also includes bird watching packages tour. Bird is the beautiful gift of nature, along with wild animals they also prefer to watch beautiful Himalayan Birds. In Bird watching packages you will enjoy to see the birds of the north and south India with Himachal birds. All bird watching tour will take different time period to cover the packages of different birds. There are migratory birds along with Indian birds that fly in the air and also rest on high trees. Bird Watching Tour in Corbett covering the important places like Pangot, Sat Tal and Sultanpur. This exciting tour will grab the beautiful moment of watching bird in 10 days. This will start from Delhi to Kathgodam from where you have to move forward to Pangot, where you will enjoy the beautiful creatures with different types and colors. From Pangot you will directly move to Corbett National park where you will enjoy the sights of green forest along with bird watching in the park. Ramganga River is an awarded for bird watching where visitors have a chance to look the water birds along with the other species like night jar ,.mon stone chat ,black francolin with purple and crimson sunbird. In Corbett when you enjoy Corbett Elephant Safari , it will covered most of the birding area which are unable to view without them. Woodpecker will great hornbill with Pallas fish eagle. Along with bird watching tour you will also enjoy Canter Safari in dhikala. Canter Safari is one way in which you will explore the whole park, in this safari you dont have to move to any where it will take the visitors from one point and drops at the same point after grabbing the beautiful moments of National park. The maximum capacity of this canter is 18 people in single time. This is the best safari as the people dont have to move to forest for other conveyance. In these Safaris people will catch all the beautiful moments of wildlife. Forest Lodges in Dhikala is of different types which includes Dhikala forest lodges along with Gairal forest lodges, Kanda forest lodge, Khinnanauli forest lodges which are basically Vip lodges with Sarapduli Forest Lodge which is places near the river and you will watch the birds as well as mammals like tiger, elephant etc. It also includes Sultan forest lodges which is situated in the dhikala.This lodge is first lodge in Corbett, but it doesnt provide food for visitors, people who want to stay in the lodge have to carry the food along with them. About the Author: By: anjali – Speculation implies giving your cash something to do to gain more cash. Done carefully, it can offer you meet your budgetary objectives like purchasing another house, some assistance with paying for school training of your kids, of your getting a charge out of an agreeable re … By: anjali – The advance of havelis is so well known through the locale of Shekhawati. It is currently termed as the open workmanship exhibition of Rajasthan. The wealth of havelis inside of the rich and aesthetic custom makes it captivating and estimable. A portion of the structures in t … By: anjali – Whether you are a residential explorer or a global traveler, Shimla is just a lot of the travel destination to be limited into a solitary Shimla visit bundle. This mid year capital of English raj has the assortment of touring and exercises. The supernatural city is ideal for … 相关的主题文章: