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UnCategorized Service Level Agreement can bring mutual understanding between the sales and marketing departments of an organization. It is often debated whether sales is important or marketing is important. This question could be puzzling and the right answer is both are important to achieve successful sales rates. This is why Service Level Agreement is very important for an organization. The SLA defines the level of service expected from a department. Service Level Agreement (SLA) can be a legally binding formal contact if market and sales are done by two different firms but inside organizations it is often a set of rules that should be followed to attain successful sales. This agreement brings a common idea about services, responsibilities and duties of the department. Sales and marketing are two separate functions that result in the final sale of the product. Marketing deals with building strategies to attract customers toward a business or product. Nevertheless the final sales of the product are done by the sales department. Both are very important because the brand name built by the marketing department determines the product value among customers and a salesperson can negotiate only based on this. If a product has poor brand image, sales persons have to sell it for compromising prices which will affect the overall quality of business. With the SLA, organizations will have better control over their sales and marketing departments. This agreement usually defines both department’s duties and responsibilities which can avoid any possible interference into each others action. It is essential for an organization because they can track errors effectively happened from both departments and even the employees responsible for that. If marketing is not going on the right path, evidently this will be affect when it comes to sales. Organizations can make effective use of service level agreement to track such strategy problems before it being worse. Similarly, if sales department can’t successfully get the desired invoices from business, it is not possible for them simply to blame on marketing failures. An organization will have clear pictures about the marketing strategies and if it is done effectively with the help of service level agreement. If marketing is done properly for any product there should be a higher buying potential for the product on any rate. It can be considered as a failure from sales department’s side if they can’t generate sufficient sales. Marketing and sales departments should have good cooperation for the well-being of an organization because these departments not only help an organization to generate business but also to understand the customer requirement. If someone tries to promote a product or business that nobody is interested in buying all the marketing strategies will go in vain and this will affect organizations. Good marketing and sales departments can help an organization to develop products the customers are interested in which will generate more business. To make sure both these departments function efficiently and support each other a SLA is mandatory. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: