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U.S. media: carbon fiber wrapped barrel for improve the performance of carbon fiber wrapped tank or barrel outside the media said, with carbon fiber technology is becoming increasingly popular in the manufacture of small arms, industry executives to use this material in weapons research and development continue to challenge the limits. According to the "national defense" magazine September issue reports, Montana, Columbia city Fowles guns R & D enterprise Proof Research has produced a carbon fiber wrapped barrel, in order to improve the accuracy, durability and barrel life. According to the company’s weapons Engineer Chad · Van Brent said, instead of the traditional steel barrel with carbon fiber wrapped barrel can reduce the weight of the rifle, so that soldiers can more accurately hit the target in a longer period of time. According to the company’s official website said, this design than traditional light steel barrel 64%, and can improve the heat dissipation performance, thereby reducing the barrel temperature and prolong its service life, moreover also can reduce the gun vibration. Van Brent said: "our design ensures that the barrel temperature range should be consistent with different stress state. Using carbon fiber technology, you can reduce weight without sacrificing performance." The company through customer surveys to determine what types of products the barrel will let users interested in. "Carbon fiber technology has been around for a while," Van Brent said…… But we feel that we have a truly unique advantage compared to other products on the market. We have a lot of flexible design and synthesis of materials, so whether you’re a hardness optimized barrel, or anti pressure performance of one of the best in the barrel, we can do it." The company’s products are developed in consideration of the needs of different consumer groups, including the defense industry, aviation industry and hunters. However, materials and products used throughout the development process include similar carbon fiber applications. Van Brent said, the company individual characteristics of the barrel to adjust to the needs of customers, but there is no great difference between the design and production of different projects. He said: "because of this barrel are attractive in all indicators, so we are widely welcomed by the hunter, shooting athletes and military." He said: "no carbon fiber barrel zoom ratio limitation, we will continue to explore the possibility of this final barrel for tanks, aircraft and warships weapons." (compile Cao Weiguo)相关的主题文章: