Two red eggs moved to the city of Xiamen media to restore the moving scene

Two red egg moved to Xiamen city of the media was to restore a touching scene to rescue soldiers Yundang Street Community Xiange break point, found two rows of military package are placed on a red bag. Open a look, is two red eggs. This scene was taken to the public circle of friends, moments, red eggs moved the city. Zhangzhou armed police detachment of more than and 200 people to help rebuild after the disaster in a lakeside community, at noon to rest by school. The school opened to outside school to the classroom on the first floor to the officers and men to rest, but the soldiers for fear of causing trouble to the school directly in the school playground to rest by the side of the runway. Outside school to teacher Wu Zhiqun shooting morning news reporter Wang Xiaoping yesterday, a busy morning disaster relief officers, tired looking back at Yundang street community garden outside the Xiange Qiaojian rest, can not help but be attracted to the scene. Two rows of military package, each backpack, put a red bag. Open a look, is two red eggs. When the rescue soldiers still wonder is what kind of person, Xiange community staff Angela Tong has long been the scene photographed, spread in a circle of friends. Last night when approaching 12, the morning news reporter tried to contact the photo shoot, but with her work with the community Xiange Xu Ailian said, even the day to clear, we are very tired, was already asleep, don’t wake her up. From the mouth of Xu Ailian, the morning news reporter tried to restore the scene at that time. "I just saw a mother with a child, with the red egg red bag, quietly on the trooper backpack." The day before yesterday at noon, just from the scene back to the wrecker community neighborhood committee Angela Tong, excited to share with colleagues. Unfortunately, the mother quickly placed the bag, then left the children with Angela Tong, catch up, also did not see their faces. In addition to excitement, Angela Tong is moving. Then, in her circle of friends to share the love of this scene. Xu Ailian said that colleagues heard the matter, the heart is full of moving. We began to speculate: "perhaps the mother had just given birth to two children, child full moon, home to the red egg, happened to encounter a typhoon." Xu Ailian introduction, Xiamen customs is good news, will prepare the red egg, "under normal circumstances, may be less likely to cook so much red egg". Xiamen is a surge of patriotic Yongjun boom city of heroes, in July this year, once again won the title of "national model city", "nine consecutive years". Typhoon ruthless, sentient beings, disaster relief officers and soldiers to rebuild their homes and day and night to fight the figure, touched us, moved to the city. In fact, several staff club community, once tried to find the love of the mother and the children, but to other residents describe the background, have no clue. "Anyway, thank them very much." Xu Ailian said with emotion. >相关的主题文章: