Two insurance on behalf of XinDa securities related Liaoning Zhenlong IPO fraud 5 years fined shicha super bass

Two insurance on behalf of XinDa securities related Liaoning Zhenlong IPO fined shichangjinru fraud 5 years before the Commission’s official website released shichangjinru decision, according to XinDa securities two sponsor representatives, Li Wentao in 5 years to find the source of securities shichangjinru measures. This punishment stems from Liaoning Zhen Long IPO fraud, and find the source, Li Wentao signed for the project. Several times to interview the securities industry sponsor representative said that this punishment is strictly, 5 years from entering the market for the sponsor representative of great impact. XinDa securities led economic sanctions, has not yet spread business it is reported that Liaoning Zhenlong department supervision checks found fraud in the criminal conspiracy has been unmasked, which belongs to the industry that the subjective intentional fraud and misrepresentation. The Commission’s official website shows that in March 13, 2015 the first disclosure of corporate disclosure quality checks draw, according to the notification requirements, the card association has completed the first business letter Phi checks the quality of the draw in March 13, 2015. It is in this spot checks, Liaoning Zhen Long fraud was found, the Commission on the Liaoning Zhen Zhen and other companies and intermediaries practice quality inspection. Liaoning Zhenlong IPO project is the XinDa securities in March 2012 declared to the Commission and was accepted. Was found in the project, the XinDa Securities for the project, withdrew from the Chinese Commission approved in June 2015. This case has also been the industry leader said the initiative to withdraw the IPO project. The Commission subsequently to the XinDa securities suspected of criminal investigation, play the trial in violation of securities law, the case has been investigated, the end of the trial. The investigation results show that there is not careful verification of securities of XinDa Zhenlong specialty and main customer sales, without careful verification Zhenlong specialty production, without careful verification Zhenlong products inventory and other illegal facts. The details include: Zhenlong specialty products exported under the condition of the XinDa to customers outside the securities sales income does not perform independent confirmation, the sponsor of working papers in confirmation documents are taken from the accountant, and the accountant confirmation without careful verification; visited the customs, the XinDa failed to determine the authenticity of the issuer of securities sales from the customs agency; securities XinDa in visits to overseas customers in obtaining sales contract and other related documents, in the interview of overseas customers did not invite the third party translation etc.. According to the Securities Times reporter, currently for the XinDa securities punishment mainly lies in the economic aspect, namely: the confiscation of 1 million 600 thousand yuan in business, and impose a fine of 3 million 200 thousand yuan, not affect the company’s other projects and related business. Commission: the situation is completely unaware of fraud, has decided the punishment contrary to the Commission issued securities in the XinDa, the verification process is not due diligence, false records issued by the "sponsor book" and other documents, and signed by the sponsor representative source, Li Wentao is directly responsible person in charge. Public information includes two parties: material sourcing, male, born in June 1973, the executive general manager of XinDa securities investment banking department, Liaoning Zhenlong specialty Limited by Share Ltd IPO and listing sponsor representative signature; Li Wentao, male, born in August 1975, the general manager of XinDa securities investment banking department, Zhenlong special IPO signature sponsor generation;相关的主题文章: