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Business Kickstarter is an innovative fundraising website for the creative projects and ideas. It has gained popularity because it is rapid and yield speedy results. Therefore if you want to carry out fundraising activity properly and successfully, then developing a kickstarter clone is a great way to start. Because of its popularity, there are lots of kickstarter clone companies. Top 10 of them are presented here based on their performance and user ratings. 1.Fundraising script This kickstarter clone is created comparing the positive and negative sides of kickstarter and according to the requirements from the best fun raising websites. To create crowd funding websites and to run fund raising projects, this is a unique online company. Its functionality has made it more useful then the kickstarter itself. 2.Agriya Agriya is a popular fundraising platform that also offers kickstarter clone. This clone site will enable visitors and users of your site to post/create projects that they need funds for and for investors to contribute to get the projects done in time. 3.Crowdfundingscript Kickstarter clone is a simple but effective fund raising solution if you want to be a successful online fundraising service provider. To get neat and clean coding, statistical analysis in addition to the fully featured kickstarter clone this is the best place to go. 4.Ncrypted technologies Ncrypted technologies are providing Kickstarter clone script services which enable a person to create fund raising websites where fundraisers and donors can meet with each other. Rich, easy admin area, target based project posting, users review options, facebook and twitter sharing etc. are the key features of their kickstarter clone. 5.Hotscripts Hotscripts are also a popular platform where you can get Kickstarter script clone. You can make your dream true with their service which is very similar to fundraisingscript. 6.Profit by outsourcing This is mainly an outsourcing company, but recently they have added website cloning into their area of expertise. Expert developers or expert website duplication team of this company are ready to satisfy your need. 7.Scriptcopy Scriptcopy is a popular open source and commercial PHP scripts website offering endless possibilities for many entrepreneurs and innovators by crowdfunding. One of their areas of expertise is the Kickstarter clone which has helped a lot of people achieving their project goal. 8.Roamsoft technologies This company is determined to create something new and they have shown that in their Kickstarter, Indiegogo, gofundme and fundraising clone script. A wide range of categories are available here for you to choose from. 9.Uniprogy It is also a popular source of kickstarter script clone. It is a large online service provider offering script cloning for kickstarter, Groupon and social communication websites. 10.Clonescriptsdb This website put together all the resources for crowdfunding, kickstarter and gofundme clone script. You can also visit this site to find kickstarter clone. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: