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To ask you to change your money to do the city people, farmers fear? Sohu finance heard that Beijing to develop the seven ring, and now change the account, is to save the land acquisition fee." A friend in Beijing, Hebei Province, the urban and rural areas, suddenly came out of this sentence. At present, there are 30 provinces to cancel the agricultural accounts, financial 360 small to calculate this account to today. Not farmers, and land? The core interests of agricultural accounts is land. The homestead, land, on the one hand is the foundation for the farmers, on the other hand is a hidden windfall: urban expansion, farmers were demolition, land expropriation, compensation can be obtained. The amount of compensation, to feed a large group: demolition of the two generation. Official two generation, the rich generation, but the cattle A and cattle C, the demolition of the two generation is the most cattle B." To implement, it will be back. Some give up their land? Melt 360 small make up this argument itself is a problem — not to give up, is never belong to you. Public ownership of land, the land is not your home, but you eat a little food to feed their own, if necessary, said on the collection, you do not have to agree. Of course, to recover the land use rights, compensation no less: the city sub suites, play the cash account, even this compensation, how to spend, have for you think good: pension deficits, city elderly people need you (to pay); the property market bubble has witnessed, city people need you (to pick up the disc). You, afraid not afraid? Being a city man, is it really good? "We are farming, is to save money for the children to study, to send their children out. Turn the non-agricultural household, children need not born inferior." He said this, obviously saw the essence of peasants, breaking the two yuan of the household registration system: to allow all residents to enjoy a more equitable educational resources, better medical conditions, better social security. The peasant boy "inferior", it is not just about money. Their lack of quality education resources, it is difficult to obtain a high degree of education, will encounter discrimination when applying for a job. Non agricultural workers unemployed self occupation, can tax, fee, and state subsidies, these migrant workers can not pay. Hukou enlisted conscripts per year 10 thousand yuan subsidy, rural household is only 5 thousand; the former has retired after the government resettlement work, the latter is not; self occupation, allowance is 3 to 5 times. A good social welfare is agriculture accounts. The first said: regardless of how much to pay farmers endowment insurance endowment insurance, retirement, only a one-time refund. Although now, delay the retirement pension system hit the face, but the endowment insurance is not good; besides medical insurance: migrant workers during the working period, only the hospital can be reimbursed, the clinic must be out of pocket; once retired, 10 Fen are no longer reimbursed; finally said: according to the Civil Affairs department and low minimum standard current, non agricultural household staff 300 yuan per person per month, 142 yuan of agricultural household. This means that the rural subsistence farmers, will be doubled. Being a city man, is it really good? Melt 360 small think, really have. Without the farmers, who"相关的主题文章: