Tips On The Offshore Oil Rig

Careers-Employment As you probably know by now, the offshore oil rig jobs imply physical work. Almost all the rig .panies on the market try to offer their employees an enjoyable time onboard. Especially as there are ac.modation wings that meet 4 or 5 star hotel standards. The result is that, even if the employees are actually living in the middle of the ocean, they are good taken care of, with .panies assuring all food, board and laundry expenses, besides the travel and transfer costs. So, if you decide to get a job at one of the offshore oil rig .panies available today, you can choose from a very large range of opportunities. Whether you want to be a Driller, Derrickman, Shakerhand or Mudman, you can surely get a very good job there. People who dream of a Toolpusher, a Floorman or a Roughneck, a Motorman, an Assistant Driller, a Crane Operator, Roustabouts, a Cleaner or a Painter and even a Storekeeper, will also find what they are looking for at an offshore oil rig .pany. Other jobs that are available there are Mechanic/Electrician, Sub Sea Engineer, Rig Mechanic, Rig Electrician, Rig Welder, Barge Engineer, Ballast Controlman or Watchstander, Captain and Chief Engineer, Rig Medic and Safety Man. You see, the number of possible jobs is higher than you can imagine. Most offshore oil rig jobs call for a 14 / 21 day rotation, which means that you work for a couple of weeks, then you get three weeks off. Thus, you actually spend a lot of time on holiday every year! And let us look at another enjoyable aspect of such a job! Countries like Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, the United States, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Venezuela, Mexico, Russia, Norway, China, Canada and the United Kingdom are only few of all the drilling employment and travel opportunities you can get from working in the offshore oil rig industry. If you agree to wearing safety boots hard hat safety glasses and coveralls, then you have a good chance of feeling good in such a field. Fortunately you get to take off your work gear and eat in the galley. You must also keep a good attitude and be focused on why you wanted to work offshore. Should you be a smoker, there are smoking rooms at various places on a rig where safety matches will be supplied. So, you won�t have any reasons to be stressed out! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: