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[time]: juvenile reading East – rereader cruel experiments tutor Sohu culture channel Keywords: reading lead: the classic heritage thousands of years, in every age, experience honed and forging, in order to adapt to the social culture and ideology at the time of need. In twenty-first Century, the traditional classics have successfully found the complementary space with the current mainstream culture, to achieve their own rebellious foothold. Rebel rebel moment, return to tradition, and the "traditional" with a long history of tinkering road stumble so far, somewhat coincide with the original heart? The value of the pursuit of such retro and today are only towards the same direction of the two faces looking? In this brutal test in order to tutor repeater, good reading has been difficult to translate into personal wealth every day, reading these young freshwater fish, how can the materialistic ocean salt water to survive? Xu Zidong: Mid Autumn Festival holiday, now East back time, today I want to talk about the Bible Ancient Chinese Literature Search hot school, now a lot of people on the traditional examination oriented education dissatisfaction, so in effect Ancient Chinese Literature Search heat, many parents to send their children to accept another education. Recently, the "Beijing News" article, titled "brutal experimental anti system education, hard work and reading about juvenile dream". First of all, the Bible school is very hard, get up at half past four in the morning reading, in the mountains, the whole month to eat pumpkin, not even the Spring Festival to go home baths, etc.. It is said that life is hard but is not the most important, there is a Ji’nan teenager Zheng Weisheng, I think this is probably a pseudonym, the fourth grade primary school left the conventional system of education, after nine years out of eight provinces, the ten classics school, living deep in the mountains, no power and no network, ten hours to recite scriptures every day, I heard this story immediately think of the ancients says heaven in the great man, must suffer the mind, workers of their bones, their body skin hunger, hunger. I go to the countryside youth, have to Mencius if you deceive yourself, that time is really no power and no net, also really let me learn the most important things in life, but was not reading, but in fact work, reading, do not know what to read by. The Zheng students is reading out in 2008, when China movement has just risen, this new mode of education, it can help the children find their spiritual home, connected with Kong Meng’s mind, soul I have reservations, because we know the life of Confucius is a political pursuit, a Peking University professor Li Ling Confucius said, like a homeless dog like between countries in the world to run, life frustrated. Mencius had the opportunity, we know his advice to lianghuiwang advice, we use the words of today to participate in top-level design. Beijing News article said earlier, reading a group of teenagers has adult, at the age of 20, realized reading in society, social competition is of no use, can not find a job, can not buy a house. For example, a Jiangsu girl named Li Shumin, arrived late to attend university, feel very shocked. Zheng Weisheng is on the bookshelf, I haven’t read, "Sami law instrument note" Buddha "is slightly increased, the first top surangama.相关的主题文章: