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"Metrosexual" Feng Mingchao was a brilliant color value Curve Wrecker Tencent entertainment news in this look at the face of the era, there are always some people will make people sigh their life, they are of high value Curve Wrecker Yan, a record on the face but to envy, obviously can spell talent. Almighty Metrosexual "Feng Mingchao as a reality version of" Jiang Zhi ", there was a brilliant value of Yan Curve Wrecker, who dare say tyrants must non high Yan value? Universal tide male Feng Mingchao, with its delicate features, deep eyes, and handsome appearance and harvest a large number of fans". He can play and sing, fans were called "Feng", is the industry of fashion trendsetter, is Curve Wrecker. He inherited a good judge who is the father of ultra high IQ and color value, brilliant, he graduated from Singapore APMI Bachelor of business administration strength, also at the Beijing Film Academy and the Central Conservatory of Music to study acting and vocal music, how can God work so hard is not love. In addition to the identity of the actor and singer, he also recently created his own brand and the trend of the design, exhibition beyond the talent, universal tide man worthy of the name! Someone once said, only those good-looking people will be called Curve Wrecker, is the youth, such as low value Yan female Curve Wrecker often referred to as "Nun Killer", and the high value of Yan Curve Wrecker male god will be sought after, life is like hanging open. In fact, the appearance can only temporarily confuse the eyes, content and talent is the ultimate capture the hearts of the key.相关的主题文章: