The villagers in Changan District were attacked by a bee, and all of them died on their heads-9c8814

Changan District villagers pick walnut was the head bee siege head is full of head injury death bee we all must have heard, although the toxicity is strong, but many people may think, sometimes it can kill. Luo Baoxia: "this is a piece of clothing he most love, he said he would love me to buy clothes." In September 15th, Luo Baoxia’s husband Kim Peian was head of bee September 16th siege died in the hospital Luo Baoxia: "I was washing the pot, he took a ladder on the tree, said a wasp, a wasp!" Jin Peian’s cousin: "has a diameter of 40 cm, I have not seen so big." Luo Baoxia: "bees droned fly, my husband is deft, Deng dengdeng leaning on the tree down, quickly jumped into the room." At that time, a large head bee chasing gold training room Amgen Luo Baoxia: "shut the door bang." Is this door will most head bee plugging into the door, and one family will bee away, Luo Baoxia and his son had a broken heart. The son of Luo Baoxia: "head injury is full, there is no a good scalp, neck is full of scars." A serious injury, Jin Peian family was sent to the hospital immediately Luo Baoxia: "one minute to delay." A cousin of Jin Peian: "he is Confidante the urine color, and the color is deep, I was feeling very heavy." Jin Peian’s cousin has been aware of the situation is not good, a few hours later, Jin Peian died, and the walnut tree home on the hive has been fire even take away the nest. Jin Peian’s cousin: "never thought, the life to the bee." Luo Baoxia: "a pillar of the left, one family by who." "City Express" all media reporter learned that Jin Peian usually working outside, is currently preparing to get married to the son of money, the youngest son in the school, had a family of four days is very poor, this time the pillar of the family and fall, the pain will not. 10 days ago, lantianxian a women 60 years of age because of the head bee sting was killed. So why the toxicity of bee head so big. Doctor: "the bee stings needle will be broken, but the head repeatedly tied several bee needle in one place." A bee general in the year five to October activity is frequent, once found the hive should immediately call 119, do not neglect. Doctor: "once stung, the first time with vinegar, or snake ointment, then immediately went to the hospital for treatment of severe."

长安区村民摘核桃遭人头蜂围攻去世 头上全是伤   人头蜂想必大家都听过,虽然毒性强,但很多人可能都想不到,它有时候竟然能要人命。   罗宝侠:“这是他最喜欢的一件衣服,他说我买的衣服他都爱。”   9月15日 罗宝侠的丈夫金培安遭人头蜂围攻   9月16日在医院不治身亡   罗宝侠:“我在洗锅,他端了个梯子上树,说有马蜂,有马蜂!”   金培安的堂弟:“直径有40公分,我从小到大没见过那么大的巢。”   罗宝侠:“蜂在头上嗡嗡的飞,我丈夫还算麻利,蹬蹬蹬扶着树下来,赶紧跳到房间里。”   当时一大群人头蜂追着金培安进房间   罗宝侠:“哐一声关上了门。”   正是这扇门将大部分人头蜂堵到了门外,等一家人将蜂赶走后,罗宝侠跟儿子的心都要碎了。   罗宝侠儿子:“头上伤基本是满的,就没有一块好头皮,脖子上全是疤。”   一看伤势严重,金培安立即被家人送到医院   罗宝侠:“一分钟都不敢耽搁。”   金培安的堂弟:“他这个尿是红颜色的,而且颜色还比较深,我当时心情非常沉重。”   金培安的堂弟已经意识到情况不妙,几个小时后,金培安就不幸离世,而家中核桃树上的蜂巢也已经被消防连窝端掉。   金培安的堂弟:“从来就想不到,蜂把人命给要了。”   罗宝侠:“一家的顶梁柱走了,一家人靠谁呀。”   《都市快报》全媒体记者了解到,金培安平时在外打工,最近正在给大儿子筹备结婚的钱,小儿子还在上学,一家四口的日子本来过的就很清贫,这一次家里的顶梁柱又倒下了,痛苦自不必说。10天前,蓝田县一位60岁妇女也因被人头蜂蛰伤不幸身亡。那么人头蜂的毒性为什么会如此之大。   医生:“蜜蜂蜇人一针就会断掉,但人头蜂在一个地方会反复扎好几针。”   人头蜂一般在一年中的五到十月活动比较频繁,一旦发现大蜂巢要立即拨打119,千万不要疏忽。   医生:“一旦被蛰,第一时间涂醋,或者蛇药膏,严重的话立即前往医院救治。”相关的主题文章: