The two or three line of the city business change lives for commercial real estate problems — Chong

The two or three line of the city business change lives for commercial real estate problems — Chongqing channel — as of June this year, the State Council issued twelfth opinions on accelerating the cultivation and development of the housing rental market in the "permit for rental housing renovation. Allow the commercial real estate and other provisions into rental housing, land use age and the volume rate unchanged, adjustment of land use for residential land, after the adjustment of water and electricity and gas prices should be implemented in accordance with the standard of residents." Today, many of the city’s commercial real estate began to change the policy to adjust. It is understood that in June last year, Fujian on the introduction of policies and regulations, the past planning for the land to do business, now as long as certain conditions can be changed to residential land. In September this year, Kunming Land Resources Bureau issued the "Kunming city station: comprehensive measures to make the supply of land" the article also clearly has built commercial housing can be used for rental housing, the volume rate of land and life unchanged, land use to residential land. It is understood that in recent years, Kunming business is facing the excess body situation. As of 2016, the overall volume of commercial Kunming 19 million 720 thousand square meters, per capita commercial area of nearly 3 square meters. 2015 ~2016 in the first half of 16 projects to be opened, the total volume of more than 3 million square meters. As of 2017, according to the planning of Kunming will build 100 Urban complex. At present, Kunming has 5 area of nearly 260 thousand square meters of commercial projects completed the re adjustment, the proportion of business change lives at the same time, the adjustment of the type of mixed commercial and residential land, commercial land use change to the overall residential land, commercial land area reduction. The higher commercial inventory in Sichuan province also launched a "business to live" new policy. According to the Sichuan new deal, have all paid land use for commercial exploitation of gold, according to the land use right to apply, in accordance with the conditions of planning and relevant regulations, examination and approval for the transformation of residential land, re approved the transfer price; the premise has been built in the construction of commercial housing without changing other planning the condition of approval by the statutory procedures and social publicity without objection, can change the function of building, education and training for kindergarten, health care, culture, tourism, business and public welfare purposes. Since last year, China’s department stores appear on the closed shop tide, Parkson, rainbow, Wangfujing, Wanda and other well-known department stores closed stores. From the China National Commercial Information Center data show that in the first half of 2016, the country’s 50 major retail sales fell by a total of 3.1%, compared with the same period last year dropped by 4.2%. Some two or three lines of commercial, office space can be sold for a period of up to about 50 months, but also because of this, Fujian, Sichuan, Kunming and other places have introduced a "business to live" policy. The industry generally believe that the move will quickly promote the commercial real estate inventory. (reporter Wang Lijue)相关的主题文章: