The Tax Lien Goldmine By Cl Jones And Fast Start Program

Real-Estate Marketing claims of expertise and easy income were exaggerated by the author, CL Jones. He did not disclose that a requirement for using his strategies was to have thousands of dollars to invest in real estate, but soon it was apparent that a lot of money had to be available. His expertise is not from all over the United States, so his recommendations are really for just the East Coast. I followed instructions on how to purchase several tax certificates in Florida and found that his system is flawed. The certificates had been purchased the previous year. Another technique used in Arizona resulted in finding the same thing – tax deeds which had been purchased and were not available! The book instructs you to contact people by postcard with an offer to buy their land (from people who are about to lose their land in an auction.) In the book Jones makes it sound like you’ll get so many calls you won’t have time to handle all the business. I sent out a minimum of several hundred postcards and did not receive one call. Part of my service included 100 "leads" per month. Jones sent me an electronic file and said it was for "several months" but never told me what to do with the data. I asked him for help several times and he never had time to explain the "leads". I consider this to be poor quality service. Although I wanted to learn tax lien/deed investing, Mr. Jones advised me to start advertising "Rent to Own" houses and I had no interest in this type of investing. I was pressured to upgrade to the "Fast Start Program" (FSP) almost immediately after purchasing the "Tax Lien Goldmine" ebook. He told me I’d have access to him all the time, and he would be able to share even more strategies for how to make money with Tax Liens. I told him I didn’t have the $5,000 but he kept selling the program. Jones called me with his business partner to tell me they needed me to help with seminars and offered a percentage of sales in an attempt to convince me that I should get coaching. I should have known this was a scam when he said I had to be in the FSP to work at the seminar. He used high pressure sales tactics and he resorted to a distortion of facts to manipulate me into finally agreeing to purchase the Fast Start Program by using credit cards. Jones said he would come and work with me in person-which I assumed would lead to income. Suddenly I receive an email early on a Sunday that he was flying in! No warning or planning and it was not a high quality coaching visit. Jones states he is wealthy and yet he did not rent a car, and I was a taxi driver. We were going to a real estate networking event and he had to get business cards printed because he was "out." It was not very productive because he had no knowledge of my market. Jones had said he would help me set up my office and file system, and I assumed he meant for Tax Lien / Deed Investing. Instead he gave me forms that he uses to purchase residential property, something I did not need or want. He should have taken me out to actually purchase property if that is the coaching he wanted to do. Jones told me he would do a webinar for me on Tax Lien / Deed Investing, but never provided webinar information for me to circulate to people. That same week he canceled two coaching sessions at the last minute. Unfortunately I got very sick, and by the next week I was under a doctor’s care, and unable to work. I asked my husband to contact Jones and let him know I had health issues and would not be able to continue coaching. Since payment for the FSP had just been made a few weeks prior, my husband requested a partial refund. My husband sent two emails and Mr. Jones never replied. I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and Mr. Jones never responded. If Mr. Jones is so wealthy it seems he should easily be able to provide a refund. Recently I checked Jones’ websites and none of them are up and running anymore. CL Jones promotes a flawed process because with his strategies you may find a tax lien that appears to be available, but has already been sold. A fool and his money will quickly be parted if you choose to work with CL Jones and buy his ebook "The Tax Lien Goldmine." There are cheaper books available with better information. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: