The seventy-third Venice Film Festival opening of the Chinese film is not listed in the main competi

The seventy-third Venice Film Festival Chinese film is not the main competition finalists – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Italy Venice August 31st news communication: the seventy-third Venice Film Festival opening ceremony of Xinhua News Agency reporter Ge Chen Lorna seventy-third Venice Film Festival opened in August 31st. Although it’s autumn, but the Venice Lido hot summer heat has not subsided, attended the festival star and admiring audience is to let the ancient city full of heat. The American film "Philharmonic city" for the film festival opening. The main competition finalists of the film scenes of long shot dance director Damian is opening paragraph, Chazelles? From independent films to Hollywood genre crossing, on the opening day of screenings to harvest the applause of the audience. "City" tells the story of the Philharmonic carries the dream of being an actor but repeatedly rebuffed in the show auditions heroine Mia and talented but frustrated hero, pianist Sebastian encounter love, struggle for the dream inspirational story. It took several years to create the film on the screen and the use of music, the selection of the scene, the narrative mode of the story, as well as the rhythm of the control so that the audience at a glance. Stone, the leading actress, had a very similar life experience with the characters in the film, who had been in charge of the role of actress Elmar. She said at a news conference that the young people want to look at the film after the life of less complaints and ridicule, like the hero in the pursuit of dreams in the process of hard work. The main competition finalists include works by Serbia director Amir? Directed by Kusturica, a national treasure of Italy actress Monica? Starring Bellucci "the Milky Way long road", as well as by the Chilean director Pablo? Because Lara directed, the famous American actress Natalie? Starring Portman "first lady", the big star of the franchise to make the film early enough popular. In addition, the world famous designer Tom? Directed by Ford with "Thriller" nocturnal animal in 7 years after the return to the big screen into the Wai Cannes film festival main competition, the highest prize of Palm Award winner Terrence? Marek life grinding works "time travel" because of Brad? Peter and Kate Blanchett to join, the same? It is worth looking forward to. This year there is no Chinese films shortlisted for the main competition, Chinese film people missed the Golden Lion Award for the highest award. Oscar’s best film "American Beauty" of the British director Sam? Mendes served as the festival jury president. Chinese actor and director Zhao Wei is the only Chinese judge in the main competition unit. Zhao Wei said at a news conference, in the film festival judges can see a lot of good movies, is to appreciate the process of learning is also the process, I hope to be able to pick out the best movie with other judges. This year the festival grounds every entrance erect a blocking wall, must go "through the vehicle, not straight through. The film festival, the Venice Biennale chairman Paul? BARATA said at a press conference that this year due to the security situation in Europe is threatened, the festival organizers increased the safety precautions necessary, such as blocking wall erected to prevent the vehicle collision. Before the opening ceremony, No.相关的主题文章: