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Quit-Smoking Smoking an electronic cigarette is like smoking a real cigarette, only doing so without all the bad stuff. What that means there is no ash, no smoke, no tar, and none of the hundreds or thousands of toxins a normal tobacco cigarette contains. However, the sensation of nicotine is really similar to the feeling that is experienced with normal cigarettes. It has been estimated by researchers time and again that there are as many as four thousand chemicals in traditional tobacco cigarettes. These chemicals are alleged to intensify the sensations nicotine delivers to the brain. An electronic cigarette has none of these chemicals. It is, however, smoke-free. In an electronic cigarette a cartridge is contained inside, itself containing a specific predetermined nicotine level, as chosen by the user. To .pare, a 4-mg cartridge is equal to an ultra light cigarette. A 6-mg cartridge is equal to light and an 8-mg cartridge is equal to a regular. The highest level, at 16 mg, is equal to that of the unfiltered cigarette. In as much as no chemicals are found in an e cigarette, the first experience of smoking it might seem different. What you are probably noticing is the lack of chemicals found in traditional tobacco cigarettes. More specifically, you are missing the effects of these harmful chemicals on your brain and body. As a matter of fact, this is a good thing. It is a signal that the toxins from the chemicals are being purged from your system. One of the important elements to the effectiveness of an electronic cigarette is its vapor. Consisting of nicotine, purified water, propylene glycol, and various kinds of flavoring, the vapor effect is slight. The vapor produced triggers sensors found inside the cigarette. Then the desired level of nicotine is delivered. If you think propylene glycol sounds familiar, it just might be. It is an .anic additive normally found in cake mixes and food coloring. As mentioned earlier, a variety of flavors are available, including such popular ones as coffee, strawberry, apple, and more. Of course, there are also the traditional tobacco tastes from which to choose. As you might expect, the vapor produced is less toxic than regular cigarette smoke. And there are no toxins or tar, including smoke or ashes. It is not as if no scent is produced by the vapor at all, though. There is vapor, only it is the same pleasant scent as the cartridge taste is. A vanilla cartridge equals a vanilla scent, in other words. And the vapor itself is hardly even noticed because it dissipates so easily and quickly. Two tobacco-flavored cartridges are available for when concern about tobacco smoke is of no concern. One type of tobacco flavor is a slightly sweet, like that of a pipe. And the other is more like a conventional cigarette. More innovative elements also exist. One cartridge lasts about as long as a pack of tobacco cigarettes. Because there are several types of cartridges, users have the ability to adjust the nicotine level of each smoke. The electronic cigarette is powered by a lithium ion battery. The battery lasts approximately five cigarettes when it is charged fully. To be more specific, the battery allows anywhere between fifty and seventy puffs of a conventional cigarette. It goes without saying that the lasting power of the battery depends on how much the e cigarettes is used. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: