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The quality of   semi annual report released in Sichuan; "report card" good news and bad news – Sichuan channel: original title: Sichuan product quality of the semi annual report released "report card" good news and bad news recently, Sichuan Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau released semi annual report shows that the quality of the products, the quality of the products, the first half of the province’s overall situation is stable. But there are also problems of quality complaints and illegal cases, an increase of special equipment safety supervision difficult. Like the overall product quality is stable and carry out household appliances, furniture, fertilizer, children’s consumer products 4 products quality standard improvement actions, were detected in 103 samples of 93 enterprises; national supervision of our province, 31 batches of 140 batches of products, qualified rate is 87.9%; 1 special equipment accidents, no casualties, special the equipment safety situation is generally stable; complete international standard product approval 50, approved and issued a provincial standard, 93 regional standards 43…… Statistics from the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau, the first half of this year, the provincial quality supervision departments to promote consumer product safety standard "fences" special action, focusing on the special supervision of daily consumer goods, construction and decoration materials, agricultural products, industrial production, food related products such as product quality, good quality. At the same time, the product quality supervision and spot checks of children’s products, automotive gasoline, sanitary ceramics, fire products and other key products. To strengthen safety supervision of special equipment, is a main job in the first half. Quality supervision departments to shopping malls, schools, tourist attractions such as the focus, and carry out safety inspection and fighting rule violations joint enforcement action. The province’s use of special equipment 74222 units, with a total number of special equipment (excluding cylinders, pressure pipes) of 384571 units. In the first half to monitor 2.55 enterprises, 41 thousand and 300 units (pieces), found hidden in the 892 place, the completion of the rectification of the 875, hidden rectification rate of 98%. In the first half, the quality supervision departments also increased the quality of illegal cases investigated. Provincial Quality Supervision System of "12365" complaints hotline telephone 2824, compared with the same period last year, complaints increased, the main complaint for elevator, auto parts and accessories, mobile phone, shale gas machine, small appliances, jewelry, clothing, agricultural products, gold and silver jewelry quality and highway measurement etc.. Provincial Quality Supervision System Investigation and 1117, involving the value of 38 million 570 thousand and 500 yuan. The quality of the illegal worry there is rising trend report, quality complaints and illegal cases increased significantly compared to last year, consumer complaints of automotive and mobile phone accessories, small household appliances, jewelry, clothing, agricultural products, gold and silver jewelry and other more tankers and highway measurement. The quality of illegal cases are involved in the industry wide, the value of the amount of small, difficult to trace the trend, for example, no specific requirements for the school of plastic runway sampling of attention of the masses, it is difficult to judge and handling evidence. Individual enterprise quality consciousness is not strong, in children’s products, the performance is more prominent, there is no standard label identification, according to the standard organization production problems. Deliberately violate相关的主题文章: