The old man invested millions of levy free to poor households (Figure) –

The old man invested millions of levy free to poor households (Figure) – Beijing – old Zhang Guipu talking about building planning. – poor Liu Junmeng every day to look at the site. The figure / reporter Yu Haining "live in the building we want to all dare not to think, even a lifetime to work, to earn enough money to buy the building, now some people give me away!" Chuang-tzu in the village of Cangzhou Mengcun Hui Autonomous County Ding building floor in front of the house, the villagers together There were many discussions. This is Zhang Guipu investment, built specifically for the poor households housing, after the completion of free gift. Is now building a total of 7 buildings, two units, after the completion of the village can accommodate up to 28. "There is a house in this building, and now I have to take a look at it every day!" Ding Chuang-tzu villagers Liu Meng Meng told reporters that a lifetime of light to the children toss, simply do not want to live on their own buildings. He had 4 cottage in the village, a rain drain, do not play the role of shelter. Liu Junmeng like this living conditions of the villagers, there are many Ding Village, and now the basic demolition of the end of the. Villagers Ding Li told reporters that the building was started in September this year, the villagers are very moved, but also special support, demolition is very smooth. Now old Zhang Guipu has invested millions of poor households, not only to cover the building, even the roads in the village is he prepared to repair. "These years I have made a lot of money, but I do not want to leave the money for future generations, should give them a kind of spirit, let them go to work hard. Now think about the return of folks, watching them over the poor days, I feel particularly uncomfortable." Zhang Guipu said. He wants to let the poor families in the village can live clean and spacious buildings, the day is better. Today, Zhang Guipu for the first floor of the poor households will soon be capped, the villagers are looking forward to an early stay. "I am 63 years old this year, life by grandparents, to uphold a good heart to help others. Now, I want to help the family to inherit, give an example for children." Zhang Guipu said. In the memory of Zhang Guipu, father, grandfather in his life to help others, although his days are not too rich. He told reporters that the village had a named "horse," the old man and his wife in the village to dig a cellar dwelling. The old man was Zhang Guipu’s father often aid "horse," a couple of two people. 1959, Ma Ye died, Zhang Guipu’s father put the horse God, his wife received a home care. Zhang Guipu said, that year, he is still under ten years old, this thing left a deep impression on him. "Distressed poor." Zhang Guipu said, this is the father most often with his words. In October 1972, Zhang Guipu in Mengcun fuel company to participate in the work. After work, the first work clothes, I gave my colleague Xu Xiufeng." Zhang Guipu said, Xu Zhang Xiufeng Guan Dian village, was home to several children, especially poor family conditions, was dressed in rags. A new young man gave his clothes, Xu Xiufeng was incredible. Love dearly,.相关的主题文章: