The old man confused buy daughter-in-law was originally matchmaker occupation

The old man confused "buy" daughter-in-law matchmaker was originally "occupation sells" more than and 20 year old son is not married, which makes Tongcheng City Golden God town a chapter very anxious. Introduced to find the "matchmaker", put all sorts of things together 70 thousand dollars, the new wife "up" into the house. Tongcheng City Public Security Bureau police Mopai in Jin Shen Zhen, found 5 foreign women suspected of being abducted. Recently, Guangxi, Yunnan, Anhui, three police at the same time to carry out arrests, a total of 10 suspects were arrested. Camera monitoring abducted women a chapter husband perennial work in the field, the home has two sons, the eldest son has already married, defective small son intelligence. Because the family condition is not very good, although to the marriageable age, but the youngest son has not been able to find the object. The reminder, she thought very good reputation good matchmaker Lin. Put all sorts of things together 70 thousand dollars to the matchmaker. Before long, the new daughter-in-law "up" into the house. In June this year, Tongcheng police found work in the area of memory in a foreign woman to marry a man who abducted the local situation, and immediately act. By Mopai, together with a new chapter of this law, the police found a total of 5 foreign women suspected of being abducted. After the summary of the relevant circumstances, the police will handle the case directed at the Zongyang zhang. Zhang is a Yunnan, ten years ago, married to Zongyang. After investigation, the number of the person and the surrounding counties matchmaker closely, providing young women to them. In order to better understand the situation of Zhang, the police Mopai, the residence the house and be startled at: Zhang even installed a dozen camera. Unguarded Zhang was arrested at home by the police. Through on-site search, Zhang home did not find abducted women, but careful police found traces. Zhang had to be confessed to two foreign women who had been hiding at home by their temporary foster care in the surrounding relatives. Soon, the police successfully rescued two women. Three police forces together arrested the suspects, I called on the line of Tao, a 10!" After interrogation, Zhang confessed his on-line. Around Taomou, the police immediately started working, found that there are many doubts, Taomou network business far beyond everyone’s estimation, whether it is offline, or by the number of helper, trafficking in women, are very considerable". Taomou back there must be a large business chain of trafficking in women. By the Anhui Provincial Public Security Bureau of Interpol corps "crackdown office" report, Ministry of public security will be the case as a listing of cases to be supervision. After investigation, the husband of a woman who was sentenced to ten years in prison for trafficking in women, is still serving a sentence. But Taomou is "timely" to take over her husband’s son-in-law, to other relatives common crime. The police after several months of investigation, around Taomou Xiong family Gang trafficking gang was finally unveiled! The evening of October 21st, it was just black, the police quietly surrounded the village. Then, the main suspects arrested taomou. Soon, another suspect Zhang Moumou arrested in Guangdong, he had several times to send goods come to Zongyang Zhang Qi相关的主题文章: