The Medina state – beautiful mermaid bubble love encounter (video) remonstrate

The Medina state "-" beautiful mermaid encounter love _26 > > – foam;; > click on the video to watch "-" Tencent, Tencent entertainment news in the fairy tales, the mermaid and Prince of love is always full of beautiful colors, these beautiful deep in love to sacrifice and dedication to marvel. In Hunan recently hit TV drama "city of fantasy", Medina plays the mermaid Sang Lan of Picasso (William Feng ornaments) and persistent pursuit of love is willing to sacrifice so many viewers said very distressed". In yesterday’s broadcast of "no lie mirror" test, a "Princess Castle Prince Sang Lan support, three birds known to everyone, obvious to people to the world once again Sang Lan of CaSO’s love. The actor Medina had said in an interview "Sang Lan is a very painful", despite the times that no fruit, but she became silent guard and accompany Aikasuo way. In the face of God, the most beautiful realms she will inferiority "I wish I have a pear drop half intelligent and courageous, for you to share some trouble; she admits jealous pear to fall, but because of the emotions and to seek the ice Castle after Wang Bing," poor castle, if you do not see the pear falls and the sad, I don’t want to see you sad again by her kindness; face Yingkong Shi (Ma Tianyu ornaments) to fall on the grounds of the castle love pear block several times, she shouted "I love CaSO, he doesn’t love me Never mind, I do not love his freedom?" Luohuayouyi, the sad times and human feeling is like running water. Many netizens message: "Lan sang this is a love of the male god girls state ah, but she dares to express, and most people are afraid to say", "is the circle of powder, a little distressed this obviously injured but still want to men of God around the little girl". It is reported that in the next week in the story, the throne war CaSO Sakura empty release into the white hot stage, the secret weapon for the expedition also Sang Lan Castle debut, after the battle, where Picasso and Sang Lan emotions going? On the North forbidden pear drop will also return next week, three people emotional entanglements, stay tuned for more exciting every Monday and Tuesday night 22:00 Hunan tv.相关的主题文章: