The man was suspected to bite off a piece of the auricle has the scars as a medal jodie foster

The man was suspected to bite off a piece of the auricle has the scars as a medal of Zhouhong Feng inspection area of the hotel. Busy! Particularly busy! This is the most profound impression on feng. In several visits, because he had to deal with sudden alarm, had to postpone the time. Finally agreed to a good time, just walked into the office of Feng Shui, talk about a few words, once again interrupted by a police. The area of a small market, put fruit stand Li and Zhang fish because of the site to play up, Lee also lifted the fruit knife. Emergency situation, Feng Zhouhong immediately led the police to deal with the dispute, rushed back to the office, apologized after another. The 30 year old Feng Zhouhong, the Hangzhou Public Security Bureau Yuhang Qiaosi deputy director of the police station, in charge of basic police work. Although young, but the actual experience is quite rich. Hurt, aid over Xinjiang, made great contribution, in the area where he became quite upright. Regardless of danger, cling to the suspect was the other off the seven thousand or eight thousand size factory a piece of the auricle of Xinyu Hangzhou Qiaosi street, more than 320 thousand people, the resident population of nearly 50 thousand. From rental management, fire safety, labor disputes to accidental casualties, etc., are related to Feng Zhouhong. Although the area is complex, but the Feng Zhouhong administration was arranged in good order. Looks like he has the ornamental and the combined plain properties, extraordinary courage and determination. Reporters found that his left ear is obviously a piece of. Originally, the end of March 2014, Feng Zhouhong as deputy commander in criminal investigation Squadron, a burglary area. Yuhang Huang Town do bamboo products business master Chen in the warehouse more than and 50 "stolen, the loss is not small. Feng Zhouhong led the team through video surveillance analysis and investigation visits, locked the suspect theft for the 42 year old Zhuji yao. The afternoon of April 10th, Feng Zhouhong led the team to the implementation of the arrest of Yao in Xiaoshan dangwan home. About 6 o’clock that night, Yao drove a motorcycle to go home to eat dinner, immediately ordered the arrest of Feng Zhouhong acted in the side ambush. Feng Zhouhong just showed identity, Yao suddenly picked up a kitchen knife, waving to a stop in front of the police. See Yao to rush out of the door, Feng Zhouhong regardless of danger, rushed to a will he hold. Yao was caught in his hands, unable to move the knife, actually moved his mouth, bite Feng Zhouhong’s ear. In contrast, Feng Zhouhong did not retreat, his comrades in the assistance of the suspect yaomou successfully arrested. The suspect successfully escorted back after Feng Zhouhong went to the hospital examination found that his left ear auricle was bitten off a block of about 7× 1.5 cm, after simple suture in hospital and after dressing, Feng Zhouhong quickly return to work. At that time, the doctor told Feng Zhouhong, a year after the plastic. But over the past two years, plastic surgery is delayed. "No time to go, and does not affect the use, when the right is my medal!" Feng Zhouhong said with a smile.相关的主题文章: