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Long story – Sichuan Channel – original title on the menu: long story China Red Army Dadu Memorial Hall on the menu. Reporter Hao Fei in October 14th – Sichuan newspaper all media group live long road group reported Wu Xiaotong reporters Chen Luyun Wang Fei Yu Rubo Yu Fei from asbestos Dadu, flying from Luding Bridge, across the lawn, ten red army…… These are the "Red Army, Hong’an Inn meal dishes, each dish on the menu there is a story of the red army. This home is located in Anshun County, Ya’an Yi Xiang asbestos Anshunchang Street Inn, and China Red Army Dadu Memorial across the road. In October 15th, Sichuan newspaper all media group live long road teams to Ya’an Anshun, standing in the Dadu River ancient ferry, reminiscent of the Red Army crossing the dangerous. Once the Red Army Dadu command building still stands the shore. In May 23, 1935, the first army in the Red Army Chinese clever crossing Jinsha River, the advance team came to Anshun Dadu River side. This is the second big river for the Red Army to go northward. The Taiping army had to wing king Shi Dakai was here in the north across the Dadu River, the Dadu River and the siege but in the Shi Dakai The whole army was wiped out.. After 72 years, Jiang Jieshi wanted to make Zhu and Mao become Shi Dakai second, but under the fighting of the 18 warriors, the red army quickly controlled the ferry. Anshunchang has also been known as the "wing King tragedy, the Reds win". "The story of the long march of the Red Army into a dish, the customer ordering will be asked, we will tell the story." Chen Yan, the owner of Hong’an Inn, said he hoped that more people would understand the long march story through the "Red Army meal". In order to better integrate the elements of red, Chen Yan and her husband spent a lot of thought, such as "cross the grassland" is a wild herbs salad, wild herbs from the Red Army had taken place, the tuowu mountain "; ten to send the Red Army" is a packed in a small basket of staple food, potatoes, taro, peanuts, corn is the year, these civilians for army sent food. Now Anshun street is the "5? 12 village" Wenchuan earthquake reconstruction settlements, "before the mud room, the thatched house, every family now live in a big house in the two layer." Chen Yan told reporters, in 2012 moved into new homes after use their own idle housing management country inn, "" Hong’an "in the name of follow me for many years, both ‘red Anshunchang’ meaning, also hope to own life prosperous peace." Anshun as an important revolutionary memorial and historical and cultural town, is one of the first 100 national red tourism scenic spots and 30 fine lines, every holiday, scenic parking lot full of parked vehicles from around the country, local villagers are doing booming business. Wu Xiaotong Chen Luyun Wang Fei Yu Rubo Yu Fei (commissioning editor Luo Juan and Gao Hongxia)

菜单上的长征故事–四川频道–人民网 原标题:菜单上的长征故事   中国工农红军强渡大渡河纪念馆。 本报记者 郝飞 摄于10月14日   □川报全媒体集群直播长征路报道组记者 吴晓彤 陈露耘 王飞 余如波 游飞 发自石棉   强渡大渡河、飞夺泸定桥、穿越大草地、十送红军……这些,都是红安客栈“红军餐”的菜名,菜单上的每道菜都有一个红军长征故事。这家位于雅安市石棉县安顺彝族乡安顺场街头的客栈,与中国工农红军强渡大渡河纪念馆隔路相望。   10月15日,川报全媒体集群直播长征路雅安小分队来到安顺场,站在大渡河古渡口,湍急的河水让人联想到当年红军渡河的艰险。曾经的红军强渡大渡河指挥楼依然屹立岸边。   1935年5月23日,中国工农红军第一方面军在巧渡金沙江后,先遣队来到安顺场大渡河边。   这是红军北上要渡过的第二条大河。太平天国翼王石达开率军曾准备在这里北渡大渡河,但在清军和大渡河水的围困下,石达开全军覆没。时隔72年,蒋介石想让“朱、毛成为石达开第二”,但在18勇士的奋战下,红军迅速控制渡口。安顺场也因此被称为“翼王悲剧地,红军胜利场”。   “把红军长征故事变成菜名,顾客点菜时都会询问,我们就讲故事。”红安客栈老板陈燕说,希望通过“红军餐”让更多人了解长征故事。   为更好地融入红色元素,陈燕和丈夫花了不少心思,比如“穿越大草地”是一道凉拌野菜,野菜来自红军曾走过的地方��拖乌山;“十送红军”是一道装在小菜篮里的主食,有土豆、芋头、花生、玉米,这些是当年老百姓为感谢红军送的食物。   如今的安顺古街是“5?12”汶川特大地震灾后重建的新村聚居点,“以前是泥巴房、茅草屋,现在家家户户住在两层的大房子里。”陈燕告诉记者,2012年搬进新居后利用自家闲置的房屋经营起乡村客栈,“‘红安’这个名字跟随我多年,既有‘红色安顺场’的含义,也希望自己的生活红火平安。”   安顺场作为重要的革命纪念地和历史文化古镇,是全国首批100个红色旅游精品景区和30条精品线路之一,每到节假日,景区停车场内停满来自各地的车辆,当地村民的生意也做得红红火火。   吴晓彤 陈露耘 王飞 余如波 游飞 (责编:罗娟、高红霞)相关的主题文章: