The fire had the blessing of the country estate Wangfei — real estate — lata-01

The fire had the blessing of the country estate Wangfei — real estate — original title: real estate deficiency Wangfei the blessing of the country from the beginning of this year in three years, every year to close 500 Real Estate Company, 3 years off 1500." Chongqing mayor Huang Qifan recently in the "2016 market supervision and Management Forum revealed the news, and said: Chongqing has a total of 3100 Real Estate Company, 31 million of the population, the average per million people in a company. Don’t say don’t know, say a scare. The data again in a straightforward way, to show us the current real estate industry xuhuo wang. In fact, not only Chongqing, the data show that there are currently about more than 130 thousand Real Estate Company in the country, according to the conversion of 1 billion 300 million people, but also an average of every million people, every household has a Real Estate Company. "Average" to about 50 thousand square kilometers of urban construction land, there will be a total of 2.5 square kilometers per Real Estate Company. More than the meat and the wolf, so scarce land resources, where the use of so many real estate companies to develop, and how to raise the number of live operators? I am afraid that the answer is not a "speculation" word. Since the total amount of land is limited, it will increase the number of hands to expand the volume of transactions. Every change, it means that land prices rise again. These years, prices rose to hand through the layers of the thing, we are no less heard. And the results of these layers, will eventually be reflected in the price. High land prices and high prices stimulate each other, real estate "fire" and naturally come up. The recent round of the property market madness, to a large extent, is the result of the birth of land prices. Estate defiant, non national blessing. Real estate fiery, the industry will face crowding out effect, the so-called capital off real to virtual is the truth. A large number of investment in real estate, banks, the government is more inclined to give housing prices a good policy, and high prices, workers on the wage requirements are also rising, these are different degrees of deterioration of the living environment of the industry. The house is also the means of production, life elements, prices too high to be reached all of society, will be affected. In the "housing slave", the rising cost of living, to make money with the increase of pressure, the full brain is to "eyes", where dare to talk about "poetry and distant; for innovators, innovation cost increases," quick money "has become a helpless choice," feelings "" dream "can only hope not that is. More seriously, but also set up a real estate guide. Now, many do industrial business, very careful in reckoning for several years, but those who miss the real lie; many ordinary workers, and hard life, do not buy a suite of nearby units. How, if a road is a real estate investment wait for money, the other one is to enter the industrial labor, what will you do? When the possibility of speculation there is strong, many correct values will be shaken, many moving ships may also change the direction to "admission" of happiness will be greatly reduced, powerlessness will grow with each passing day. Finally, to support the industrial countries to rely on innovation driven, rather than a house price to sell the building; life is to rely on the struggle to enrich your life, rather than lying in the "real") as a speculation相关的主题文章: