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Golf If you correct a slice in golf swing your game, it can be just absolutely perfect. There are many theories and reasons as to why a golf ball is sliced. Usually the main and the most .mon-sense reason is that the ball is struck from the outside to the inside of the target line, or other way round, it is also possible for you to strike the ball from the inside to the outside. When this problem occurred, it will resulting the ball to be sliced from the right to the left and vice versa. This is the .mon issue for many golfers. This problem usually for the new golfers. But if it is for the amateurs it is mainly because adopting the wrong technique for their golf swing. In order for to correct a slice in golf swing is to stop the habit of gripping too tight on your club. When you are gripping too hard, you will make it difficult for your hands to rotate at impact. If you want to stop from this habit, always think that you are holding a pigeon in your hand. Make sure you don’t squash the pigeon! Golf gripping is not the only case. Your shoulder also play an important role in correcting a slice in your golf swing. If your shoulder are not turning and your weight doesn’t shift to the right at the top of the swing, your body will be ahead of the ball and this can cause your club to open at the impact and will slice the golf ball. If you are one the people who adjusting the way you line up simply because to .pensate for their slicing difficulties you are not solving your slice in your golf swing. The problem with doing this is that you are relying on your shot slicing every time and are adjusting to an already annoying problem. But what if your ball is going straight AFTER you line up to the right or left? Your ball will eventually go to the left or right too! This is far the worst way in "improving" your game. Spend some time in a day to spend at the driving range in order for you to correct a slice in your golf swing. If you have the proper way to correct your slice, it will only take you two short weeks to see the major in your golf swing. If you can over.e the slice and begin putting the ball on the fairway more, your score will drop dramatically. It is frustrating because your slice won’t correct itself overnight, but if your are determine and patience enough, you will eventually over.e this nuisance of a problem. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: