The director of the Civil Affairs Bureau set up a Small Coffer to buy native products, such as

The Civil Affairs Bureau set up small Treasuries to buy alcohol and tobacco products such as   dismissal — Sichuan channel — original title: Civil Affairs Bureau set up small Treasuries to buy products such as tobacco and alcohol was removed in September 29th, the ABA Commission informed the violation of the provisions of the central eight mental problems found 4 discipline review. To be informed of the behavior including illegal reimbursement of public funds, illegal small Treasuries illegal to pay the reception fee and the payment of allowances and subsidies, taking boarding students living subsidies. Ruoergai County Family Planning Bureau, former director Zhuomata served as secretary during the use of public funds 9 thousand and 400 yuan to buy high-grade tobacco, souvenirs and entertainment consumption; Maoxian Rural Work Committee Office Director Gu Yunwei served as party secretary of the town of light, take use of public funds reimbursed by private reception costs 760 yuan. Two of them were warned by the party. During the Jiuzhaigou County Civil Affairs Bureau, former party secretary Zeren fruit in office, instructed subordinates to obtain funds 268 thousand and 300 yuan to set up small Treasuries, for illegal payment to buy souvenirs, tobacco, daily reception and reception with the payment of staff allowances and subsidies etc.. Zeren fruit subject to removal from party posts, administrative demotion; Deputy Secretary Shang Zhongzhen serious warning the party; director of the office of Li Yan, sister Chen Yingying, cut the financial personnel, social assistance welfare service center director Chen Yijun by Party warning; "small treasury" keeper Wang Fengqin subject to administrative demerit. The balance of the small Treasuries and the allowance of illegal subsidies amounted to 107 thousand and 400 yuan to collect the finance. Red Qionglai county to educational boarding school Party branch secretary, President of the electricity, vice president of the general director Sun Zhixiao Garang see consultations, two times to offset the boarding students’ living expenses totaling 76 thousand and 900 yuan, for the payment of subsidies, the school teachers’ self-study teaching quality award. Three of them were warned by the party. (reporter Cao Xiao) original title: 260 thousand small Treasuries to buy alcohol and tobacco secretary dismissed (commissioning editor Yuan Hanling and Gao Hongxia) 民政局局长设“小金库”买土特产烟酒等 被免职–四川频道–人民网 原标题:民政局局长设“小金库”买土特产烟酒等 被免职   9月29日,阿坝州纪委通报了4起执纪审查中发现的违反中央八项规定精神问题。被通报的行为包括违规报销公款、私设小“小金库”违规支付接待费和发放津补贴、套取寄宿制学生生活费发放补贴等。   若尔盖县计生局原局长卓玛塔在担任局长期间,用公款0.94万元购买高档烟酒、土特产和进行娱乐消费;茂县农村工作委员会办公室主任谷运伟在担任光明镇党委书记期间,用公款报销应由私人承担的接待费用760元。两人均受到党内警告处分。   九寨沟县民政局原党组书记、局长泽仁地果在任期间,授意下属套取资金26.83万元设立“小金库”,用于支付违规购买土特产、接待用烟酒、日常接待和发放职工津补贴等。泽仁地果受到撤销党内职务、行政降级处分;副局长尚忠贞受到党内严重警告处分;办公室主任李燕,财务人员切妹、陈莹莹,社会救助福利服务中心主任陈懿均受到党内警告处分;“小金库”保管人员王凤琴受到行政记过处分。“小金库”余额和违规发放的津补贴共10.74万元收缴财政。   红原县邛溪易地育人寄宿制学校党支部书记、校长电都,副校长尕让见磋,总务主任孙志霄分两次冲抵寄宿制学生生活费共计7.69万元,用于发放该校教师自习补贴、教学质量奖等。三人均受到党内警告处分。(记者 曹笑)   原标题:26万“小金库”买烟酒 局长被免职 (责编:袁菡苓、高红霞)相关的主题文章: