The coat of the state of the civil service is inlaid with once and for all sexhu

Civil servants in test with the "coat once" badge original title: national test coat inlays "once" badge Author: Wang Xiuning went to the national examination once a year, memories of the only time I participated in the exam, the days of the past 6 years. 6 years ago, the fierce competition in the national examination has become hot. Of course, I participated in the national examination have soy sauce mentality, purely to enrich the experience. At that time, I was working in a media review department, just the current layout of the theme of the national exam, I took the exam I took the experience of writing an article. Now, our test is still hot. The employment situation of college students is not optimistic, which is the basic background of the analysis of the "national examination hot". Many graduates take the country as an opportunity to choose, and no non civil servants do not have a strong desire. The employment situation is not enough to explain the national heat, it is also closely related to the cultural tradition of Chinese Society – the official standard thinking. "People jiquanshengtian" "official", these popular sayings have proved that the China Society for "into the official" favored; in turn, all kinds of benefits as in reality can be obtained, but also defend the traditional culture. However, in the severe employment situation and keen official cultural traditions, there is a broad transition zone. In this transition zone, those who see the civil service as a "life security". One of my colleagues took part in the national examination a few years ago, but in the end he gave up his job in the provincial tax bureau and continued to work as a journalist. He gave up action, suddenly became a small circle of news. Here do not talk about the right to give up, only to give up from his news to see, you can glimpse the psychological state of people. The appointment of civil servants has been a pilot in many places; civil servants once the violation was "double", even the basic old-age security are not. However, these factors did not shake the whole society’s strong identity for the preparation. As mentioned earlier, a lot of people Sike national examination and provincial exams, trying to enter the system, and not to recognize other work advantage, but that sense of security can bring only enough preparation. This kind of indescribable sense of security than other occupation, high income, sense of achievement, were turned into clouds. Non civil servants are not suitable for a small number of people, but not the value of the preparation of a small number of people. It can be said, where the market economy is more vulnerable, where the pursuit of the establishment of civil servants more crazy. Basically, they lack a sense of security to live. The anxiety of the Chinese people is very characteristic: in the study, the extreme pursuit of examination scores; marriage, very valued each other’s current conditions; in the job search, the stability of the civil service positions are particularly favored. These behavior preference common feature is "Yan jinkuan". What is meant by "strict"? That is a good university admission is difficult, from the good university graduation is much easier; it is difficult to find a rich husband, marriage quality is still not valued by some people; the civil service exam is very difficult, but admitted after the expulsion of the probability is very small. Therefore, the college entrance examination, blind date and country exam, are hidden behind the pursuit of once and for all thinking. It seems that as long as the "test", all wound up. Chinese society is flying相关的主题文章: