The bank into the lost children guardian Chongqing Banking Association said not informed-winfast

Bank lost contact with children Guardian point? The Bank of Chongqing Association said that a message about "the bank has become a lost child guardian" has been forwarded by many friends in the circle of friends. Network picture 23, a message in my circle of friends is a lot of forwards — "since October 1st, the national bank officially became the China lost child safety guard", is this true? Reporters multi verification, Chongqing city banking association said it did not know, a number of bank staff also said that temporarily did not receive the relevant notice. "Please tell your child: on the outside, can not find the time, mom and dad do not panic, go to a bank to sit down, tell the staff you can not find the family, the staff will contact your family. Since October 1st, the National Bank has officially become the guardian point of China’s missing children security! The bank is the guardian of the lost child! As long as the child enters the bank, even if temporarily lost contact with parents, the child will not be abducted or unexpected!" Today, a "lost contact with children rescue tips" in the circle of friends was a lot of forwarding. The reporter contacted the Chongqing city banking association responsible person, the person said, the banking industry has been trying to fulfill their social responsibilities, within the limits of the public request will try to help, but he asked China through telephone banking association, received no notice, did not understand the relevant circumstances. Subsequently, the reporter dialed ICBC, Bank of communications and other banks service hotline, said they did not query the relevant policies. A staff member of China Merchants Bank told reporters, received internal mail, inform you not forwarding. The bank staff to open another unit of the bank said that the future may be the work into consideration, but the implementation will take time. In fact, as early as a few months ago, there is a series of XX to become the place of lost child safety guard "prompt relief spread on the Internet, there is a real estate intermediary, a courier company, even the bus became China lost children’s Guardian car", finally, the various versions of rescue information are the official judged false news. Related to the safety of children, we are very concerned about, a lawyer said, in fact, to the bank is not the safest way, because there are many people in the bank, there is no guarantee that the child in the bank is not an accident. What if the child is lost? The police had to remind the public, once lost, the children take suggestions stay waiting for parents looking for help or to borrow a mobile phone to call 110 for help, the police patrol etc..

银行成失联儿童守护点?重庆银行业协会称不知情 一条关于“银行成为失联儿童守护点”的消息在朋友圈被大量转发。网络图片   23日,一条消息在朋友圈被大量转发――“ 10月1日起,全国银行正式成为中国失联儿童安全守护点”,这个消息是真是假?记者多方求证,重庆市银行业协会称并不知情,多家银行工作人员也表示,暂时未收到相关通知。   “请告诉您的孩子:在外面,找不到爸爸妈妈的时候,不要慌乱,去任意一家银行坐下,告诉工作人员你找不到家人了,工作人员会联系你的家人的。10月1日起,全国银行正式成为中国失联儿童安全守护点!银行就是失散儿童守护人!只要孩子进了银行,即便暂时与家长失联,孩子也不会被拐卖或出现意外!”今日,一则“失联儿童救助提示”在朋友圈被大量转发。   记者联系上了重庆市银行业协会有关负责人,对方表示,银行业一直在努力履行社会责任,在力所能及的范围内,市民提出请求都会尽量提供帮助,但他通过电话询问过中国银行业协会,暂时没有收到相关通知,也不了解相关情况。   随后,记者拨打了工行、交行等几家银行的服务热线,均表示没有查询到相关政策。一位招商银行的工作人员向记者透露,收到了内部邮件,通知大家不要转发。另一位不愿公开单位的银行工作人员表示,该银行未来可能将这项工作纳入考虑范围,但实施尚需时日。   其实,早在数月前,就有一系列关于“xx地方成为失联儿童安全守护点”的救助提示在网上传播,有某房地产中介、某快递公司,甚至还有“全国公交正式成为中国失联儿童守护车”,最后,各种版本救助信息均被官方判定为假消息。   事关孩子的安全,大家都十分关注,一位律师表示,其实前往银行也并非最安全的办法,因为银行里人也很多,谁也不能保证小孩在银行里不会出事。   小孩走丢了怎么办?此前民警就曾提醒市民,一旦发生走失,建议小朋友采取原地不动等待父母寻找,或想办法借手机拨打110、求助巡逻民警等方式求助。相关的主题文章: